Recommendation Scholarship

Recommendation Scholarshipis given to the Candidate whose has not got any achievement but has got a good attitude, strong motivation to study at SGU, and -most important- recommendation letter from particular person or institution recognized by SGU. Terms & conditions applied.


  1. Fulfill the admission requirement.
  2. Pass SGU Scholarship assessment interview
  3. Recommended by SGU partner High School, PASCH schools, religious institution, NGO, regional government, company, and other SGU partner institution; or
  4. Based on parents’ profession of TNI, POLRI, Teachers/ Lecturers, Health Care Worker, or Religious Leader with certain limited financial condition.


Up to 50% discount of Semester Fee for 4 years (semester 1-8)


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Student must take full credit (sks) as described in curriculum.
  2. Student must maintain good conduct, be ready for SGU Ambassador assignments, and be active in SGU’s extracurricular activities, etc.
  3. Maintain an average minimum GPA


Grading for Scholarship:

  • Scholarship 25%:

cGPA≥ 3.00 & 30 points of NAC or

cGPA≥ 2.80 & 45 points of NAC

  • Scholarship 50%:

cGPA≥ 3.10 & 30 points of NAC or

cGPA≥ 2.80 & 50 points of NAC


a. Based on Recommendation Letter from school, institution company or related SGU partners; or

b. Submit Profession’s Decree/Certificate based on parents’ profession.