BA Department attended the KADIN Indonesia Entrepreneurship Gathering

BA Department attended the KADIN Indonesia Entrepreneurship Gathering

A representative from the Business Administration (BA) Department of Swiss German University, Marsha Hilda Tesalonika attended the Entrepreneurship Gathering in Business Funding held by KADIN Indonesia – Business Support Desk (BSD) on 7th April 2015 at Menara Kadin Indonesia, Jakarta. The event was attended by 10 participants from various companies.

The Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia) is the legal partner of the Indonesian Government to implement their programs and their policies. In accordance with government policies to increase entrepreneurial spirit in Indonesia, KADIN Indonesia realizes the need for concrete activities to support this policy. In this regard, KADIN Indonesia presents the Entrepreneurship Gathering in order to support the growth and development of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, especially in business funding, by inviting Masbukhin Pradana founder of PT. Ayam Jantan Indonesia and PT. Sawit Kualitas Utama as the speaker.

The event was opened and moderated by Mr. Peter Reger, KADIN Indonesia senior advisor for Business Support, Entrepreneurship, Training and Sustainable Development. Then, Masbukhin Pradana shared his entrepreneurship journey from 2003. After all his business ups and down, he stated that optimism is a must have mindset for all entrepreneurs. Be a risk taker, focus on only one business at the beginning for branding purposes, business cycle learning, management evaluation and business expansion planning.

For young entrepreneurs, Masbukhin gave some useful knowledge about how to get funding for a startup business. First of all, start from the people closest to us, it might be family or friends. But make sure that we already had a promising business proposal. If your closest people cannot help, then you might go to a bank, since nowadays a lot of banks have funding program’ for students or startup businesses. Last but not least, you might look for an investor. For investor, networking is an important point. Business proposals, investment guarantees, product prototypes and profit sharing agreements are the things that you have to prepare in order to get an investor.

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