Become A Beautypreneur; Create Your Own Beauty Company

Become A Beautypreneur; Create Your Own Beauty Company

It’s Time to Start Producing Your Authentic Cosmetic

Currently, the beauty industry is one of the businesses that have become a trend. According to in Indonesia, the growth of the beauty industry has increased by 20% over the last 20 years with market value of IDR 33T in 2016.  There are more than 700 cosmetic in Indonesia, and 95% percent of them are small industries or UMKM. And because of that, now beautypreneur become one of the promising job that are most wanted by milenials.

What is Beautypreneur?

According to, beautypreneur comes from the word beauty and entrepreneur. Beautypreneur is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for all things beauty, well-being, and impacting the lives of others.

How to be a Beautypreneur?

As the cosmetic industry is growing rapidly, creating a cosmetic line is absolutely a great idea. But, creating a beauty brand doesn’t come easily as the competition in the beauty industry is also fierce.  It would be best if you prepared everything to help make your beauty brand stand out. In this article, we will find out the step by step to build a beauty brand.

Step 1: Know Your Target

Look for your target customers and discover their favorite cosmetic products; this means you need to deeply understand just who it is exactly you’re selling to.  

When build and launch a cosmetics brand, you need to make sure it speaks to your ideal customers.  But then, you cannot do that if you have no idea who those customers actually are. Knowing who your customer is will help you make the right branding decisions and will ultimately help you build a brand that speaks to and connects with your ideal customer.  

Successful business owners also need to understand what their customers want. It will help you make the most effective way to create a product that meets the needs and requirements.

Step 2: Research Your Market

Analyze your competition and do research on your objective market; Look at your competitors. What are they doing to make their mark in the industry—and how are you different? As mentioned, there is a lot of competition in the cosmetics world.

If you want your brand to succeed, you need to know what makes your brand stand out, knowing what makes you unique and different from what’s already out there. You need to know your brand’s identity because when a customer seeks out a product, they’re not just looking for something that works. Whether they realize it or not, they’re choosing to ally with a brand’s identity.

What would your brand’s identity be? Maybe it’s dark, edgy, and innovative. It’s feminine, fun, and bright. Or maybe your brand’s identity is all-natural, environmentally-friendly, and subtle. Whatever it is, a brand identity is a representative of yourself and your company.

Step 3: Educate Yourself

Knowing the standards and regulation is essential in this business. You need to have a deep understanding of the production process, the ingredients, the formula, and also how to manufacture your product. 

Obtaining a degree in pharmaceutical chemical engineering at SGU is the best step to understand the industry. Pharmaceutical chemical engineering in SGU offers a complete knowledge and competency of both pharmaceutical science and general chemical engineering concepts to prepare your future professional careers.

This study program combines a theoretical perspective with actual experience in pharmaceutical industries by offering an internship program in Indonesia and Germany. With a pharmaceutical chemical engineering study, you can easily grab the opportunity to make your cosmetic brand and contribute to the global industry.

There are several courses to take when studying Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering at SGU, such as

  • Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Math)
  • Chemical Engineering Principles
  • Pharmaceutical Process and Plant Design
  • Herbal, Cosmetic Product Development
  • Good Manufacturing Practice

and other relevant subjects. Through the combination of theory and industrial practical experience during the internship program in Indonesia and in Germany, you will be equipped with the strong competency needed for your professional career.

Start create you authentic cosmetic now by studying Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering at SGU. Contact our consultant to find out more.

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