Can Vaccines Really Overcome the Covid 19 Pandemic?

Can Vaccines Really Overcome the Covid 19 Pandemic?

The number of Covid 19 cases in Indonesia increased sharply at the beginning of 2021. The addition of new Covid 19 cases in Indonesia has even exceeded 9,000 people per day.

The more massive spread of the Covid 19 virus has made people rely on vaccines. At least currently, there are seven types of vaccines that the government has prepared, namely the Sinopharm vaccine (China), the Novavax vaccine (Canada), the Sinovac vaccine (China), the Pfizer vaccine (USA), the AstraZeneca vaccine (UK), the Moderna vaccine (USA), and vaccines developed by Bio Farma (Indonesia). The vaccine is scheduled to start this year.

Is it true that vaccines can solve the problem of the Covid 19 pandemic?

SGU Head of Academic Research and Community Service, Kholis Audah, said the vaccine program was a necessary step in the midst of this pandemic. Vaccines are substances or compounds designed to form the body’s resistance. Vaccines can stimulate the body to form antibodies against the virus. To build these antibodies usually takes two to three weeks after the vaccine.

Even so, Kholis reminded us that giving vaccines does not automatically make us neglect the importance of preventing virus transmission. There are many factors that cause us to keep implementing the protocol to prevent transmission of the virus even though we have received a vaccine.

The first factor is that everyone has a different response to vaccines. There are individuals who can respond well to vaccines by forming antibodies. However, some do not build up antibodies.

Vaccine seeds also affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. Vaccine seeds developed with virus isolates circulating in Indonesia tend to have higher suitability for Indonesians.

Besides, not everyone can be vaccinated. There are several groups of people who should not get the Covid 19 vaccine, for example, people with allergies, people who have immune disorders, and children.

The second factor is that all viruses mutate. The mutation of the virus can be in two directions, namely stronger or weaker. In the case of other pathogens such as SARS and MERS, the mutation of the virus turned out to be in a weaker direction. However, we cannot confirm whether the mutation of the Covid 19 virus is also in the same direction or not.

The third factor depends on the effectiveness of the vaccine program, such as the availability of vaccines and how fast they are distributed. If you want it fast, the supply of vaccines in Indonesia cannot be done by one company because of the high population. The distribution must also be done well because Indonesia is vast and consists of many islands. The government also needs to provide education so that there is no more resistance from some people who do not want to be vaccinated.

Prevention Remains Important

Vaccination will not automatically stop the Covid 19 pandemic. Supervision still needs to be continued, including the transmission of the virus.

Health protocols to prevent transmission of the virus still have to be done even after being vaccinated. We have to keep wearing masks, wash our hands, and keep our distance. But that is not enough, the increasingly massive spread of the virus makes us also have to limit mobility and stay away from the crowd.

In addition, spraying disinfectants on goods brought in from outside can also help reduce transmission. We should cook our own food every day so it is safer from spreading the virus. If forced to buy from outside, the food should be heated first.

Some countries are still implementing lockdowns so that there is no mobility between countries such as Brunei Darussalam and New Zealand. Meanwhile, for Indonesia, mobility restrictions are limited to foreign citizens.

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