Crafting Your Identity for Success

Crafting Your Identity for Success

In today’s digital world, personal branding is more than just a catchphrase, it’s an essential tool. It involves creating a lasting impact by highlighting your experiences, values, and skills. Genuineness is vital; your branding should represent your actual self.

Storytelling is an essential element of personal branding. People respond positively to narratives, therefore if you can tell an intriguing tale about what you experienced, others will be interested in it as well. Your narrative should highlight the special experiences, obstacles you overcame, and life lessons you discovered. It should also reflect your principles, actions, and future goals.

Eleonora Evelyn, as a Global Strategic Communications Student and Brand Champion at Swiss German University, shared a great example of the effectiveness of personal branding. She introduced this concept to the Generation Z students from SMP Tritunggal School Semarang, emphasizing the value of internet presence, self-awareness, and storytelling. Evelyn encouraged these students to embrace their individuality and develop their branding statements through engaging exercises and presentations.

Even Evelyn herself has her own personal branding. Her personal brand is a deliberate fusion of academia and modeling, showcased vividly on social media. While she may not appear as a model in person, her online presence paints a clear picture of her modeling persona. This highlights the essence of personal branding: shaping how others perceive you, both offline and online, in alignment with your true self.

Participants were then divided into groups, where they were tasked with examining the personal branding of well-known people and developing a different personal brand for them. They investigated how these figures might be viewed differently depending on their potential and skills through investigation and imagination. The evaluation criteria centered on the groups’ ability for creativity and reimagined these well-known people’s personal brands, emphasizing the transforming effect of creative thinking and personal branding in forming identity.

Finally, keep in mind that personal branding is a powerful tool which allows us to control how others view us. Regardless of your status as a student, professional, or anywhere in between, take the time to identify your unique characteristics and let the world know about them. Create a captivating story that accurately represents who you are by embracing creativity, storytelling, and digital media. Your narrative is your personal brand; tell a compelling one.

Contributor: Brand Champion 2023-2024
Eleonora Evelyn Harry SuryaGlobal Strategic Communication 2023

Global Strategic Communications


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