Double Degree

Swiss German University has become a pioneer to provide breakthroughs for the people of Indonesia. Since its founding in 2000, SGU has been involved in building international dual degree programs at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The double degree program has opened opportunities for the nation’s young generation to achieve their highest dreams. The degree obtained by students will be their provisions for a career towards a wider global world.

Throughout the program development process, learning is evaluated by SGU in collaboration with all partner institutions, making it easier for students to pursue degrees.


The double degree program provides an international experience for students who will be interning in Europe in the 6th semester, besides students will also undergo an internship program for domestic. Subject to successful training and proper level of English or German languages of SGU have the opportunity to undergo practical training in Europe, especially in Germany.

1. Mechatronics

Mechatronics refers to an integrated approach to the multi-disciplinary field involving mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer sciences. The applications of this field are numerous, ranging from manufacturing automation to “smart” product designs. Our graduates are able to modernize older technological capabilities to take products and manufacturing to the next level.

2. Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations. An industrial engineer works to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, man-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity.

3. Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is regaining its leading position after being left out in among the years of 2005 to 2015. The regaining has happened because of the presence of smart phone and applications which allow people to do a lot of things such as online banking, online shopping, online learning, online meeting etc. anytime and anywhere.

1. Global Strategic Communications

SGU’s innovative Communication Science program combines the study of media, communication and culture with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in one of the fastest-growing global economies. At SGU we provide two concentrations in Communication Science that prepare students for a broad range of exciting career opportunities.

2. Hotel & Tourism Management

Students will begin their studies with basic knowledge in Rooms Division, F&B Service, Kitchen and Event Management. Throughout their study, they will continue to expand their skills and knowledge towards advanced skills. In their final semesters, they will be equipped with entreprenurial skills to be future owners/operators in the hospitality and culinary industry.

3. International Culinary Business

Our International Culinary Business concentration program prepares you to have a future as ‘culinary-preneurs’. You will acquire in-depth knowledge of the culinary world from our SGU lecturers as well as culinary professionals in Indonesia and Switzerland.

4. Business and Management

The Business Administration study program is designed for students aspiring to be future business leaders and managers with strong analytical and practical skill to work competently in any environment, including a multicultural one.

5. Accounting and Data Analytics

In any organizations and business enterprises, accounting is one of the core functions which enable the company to manage its financial conditions and business transactions. The Business Accounting study program in SGU is designed to prepare the students for bright careers in the accounting profession. Our excellent programs broaden and enrich students’ understanding in all accounting fields and financial sectors.

1. Pharmaceutical Engineering

Swiss German University (SGU) is the first and the only university offering a bachelor degree (S1) in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering in Indonesia, with graduates currently advancing their career as professionals in national and multi-national companies.

2. Sustainable Energy & Environment

One current world concern is how life can continue on a sustainable basis. Three important factors are food, energy, and water supply. The new study program in SGU, Sustainable Energy and Environment, under Chemical Engineering Department,  focussing on energy, particularly renewable energy, energy conservation, environment, and water resources, prepares the human resources needed for these developments, for Indonesia and for the world.

3. Food Technology

Swiss German University’s Food Technology Department offers the opportunity to join a fast growing food industry. A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences gained during two internships, in Indonesia and Germany, provide our graduates with appropriate skills in science and technology, together with creative and innovative flair.

4. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a study field that applies engineering principles to find the solution of problems in biology and medicine with the goal of improving health care. It combines basic sciences and engineering to develop, improve, and produce medical equipment or methodology.


The dual degree also provides a different international experience. One exam will require them to go to Germany. They will undergo examinations at universities that collaborate with SGU according to the majors taken. Also, there they will also get special experience, where they will undergo exclusive visits to several factories of the worldwide company. Like Mercedes Benz, Force, and so on.

Master of Business Administration & Master of Art in Business

At SGU, our MBA & MA Program exposes our students, who are aspiring professionals, to a journey of both educational and a self-discovery experience in enhancing their capabilities and capacity to create value not only in their professional career but also in their personal development. Our faculty in SGU MBA & MA Program comprises mix of professionals and academicians who are respected in their field of expertise drawn from diversified industries with their experience working in domestic as well as international market. Furthermore, SGU views our MBA & MA Program as a professional graduate degree program that empowers students to develop their capabilities and competencies through experiential learning and real-life cases drawn from our faculty. All students are expected to develop their critical thinking and their leadership during the Program at SGU.

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