Double Degree

Swiss German University has become a pioneer to provide breakthroughs for the people of Indonesia. Since its founding in 2000, SGU has been involved in building international dual degree programs at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The double degree program has opened opportunities for the nation’s young generation to achieve their highest dreams. The degree obtained by students will be their provisions for a career towards a wider global world.

Throughout the program development process, learning is evaluated by SGU in collaboration with all partner institutions, making it easier for students to pursue degrees.


The double degree program provides an international experience for students who will be interning in Europe in the 6th semester, besides students will also undergo an internship program for domestic. Subject to successful training and proper level of English or German languages of SGU have the opportunity to undergo practical training in Europe, especially in Germany.


The dual degree also provides a different international experience. One exam will require them to go to Germany. They will undergo examinations at universities that collaborate with SGU according to the majors taken. Also, there they will also get special experience, where they will undergo exclusive visits to several factories of the worldwide company. Like Mercedes Benz, Force, and so on.

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