With a combination of theoretical knowledge conveyed in the classroom, as well as practical skills carried out in the food-related industry, SGU’s Food Technology graduates are recognized for their job-ready abilities, and are therefore highly sought after by employers. This work readiness is also formed through certification as well as various attractive opportunities to study abroad.Our International learning experiences enable all SGU’s Food Technology students to learn first-hand from multiple global perspectives.

HACCP is an internationally accepted certification. This certification allows all SGU Food Technology graduates to respond to the needs of the food industry in understanding food safety management system standards, thereby making it easier for you to enter the food industry.

Here are a variety of flexible options you can choose from, for your future career. These three options each have their own advantages which can certainly support your successful journey in the Food Technology industry.

SGU provides international learning experience opportunities for all students without exception. Both Single Degree or Double Degree students can take advantage of this opportunity through the Asia Experience program:

Get the opportunity to work on your bachelor thesis project with a Japanese partner university. As one of the top science countries, Japan provides you with a unique research environment and cutting-edge industry, this will make your research project unforgettable.

  • Available for both Single Degree & Double Degree Program
  • Duration: 2-3 months for 8th semester. 
  • Application fee: FREE (provided Japanese government MEXT scholarship) 
  • Applications may be required based on personal academic reports.

Make the most of your summer vacation with an amazing experience at the Hokkaido Summer Institute. You can expand your knowledge of subjects in the world-class research field of Hokkaido University. This program allows credit transfer for Internship 1 and elective subjects at Swiss German University.

  • Available for both Single Degree & Double Degree Program 
  • Duration: 6-8 weeks on the semester break between 4th and 5th semester
  • Application fee: 180,000 JPY 
  • Fee includes student dormitory, visa arrangement, consultation, application assistance, credit transfer administration, student monitoring program.

Hokkaido University Short Term Exchange Program (HUSTEP) allows you to take a wide variety of classes in two core divisions: Culture and Society, and Science, Technology, and Environment. You will also have the chance to study the Japanese language. There will be opportunities to take part in numerous traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural activities.This program allows credit transfer for Internship 2.

  • Available for ONLY Single Degree Program 
  • Duration: 5 months during semester 6 (April – August)
  • Application fee: 70,000 JPY 
  • Fee includes visa arrangement, consultation, application assistance, credit transfer administration, student monitoring program.

Mahasarakham University is a Thai public university, located in the heart of the Northeast of Thailand, Maha Sarakham Province, about 470 kilometres from Bangkok. MSU is considered to be one of the leading universities in Thailand and is considered a fast growing and world-class recognized university. Get the opportunity to take an Independent Study in Science at this university, as replacement of your Internship 1 program.

  • Available for both Single Degree & Double Degree Program
  • Open all year long, application must be made 4 months prior arrival
  • Application fee: TBD
  • Fee includes: TBD