Journey of Learning and Growth: SGU Student’s International Internship Experience at Deutsche Welle

Journey of Learning and Growth: SGU Student’s International Internship Experience at Deutsche Welle

My dream was to obtain exceptional learning experiences related to the field of study I am passionate about, Global Strategic Communications. I knew in my heart that this journey would be an experience of a lifetime.

With the invaluable support from my lecturers at SGU and several alumni, I was granted the opportunity to intern at Deutsche Welle, an international media broadcasting company founded in 1953. Initially providing radio broadcasting services in Cologne, DW expanded its reach by offering television broadcasting in 1992. Presently, DW delivers its programs in 32 different languages across the globe, disseminating news through digital platforms such as websites and social media. For my internship, I was stationed at the DW headquarters in Bonn, with an additional office in Berlin.

In the Social Media department of DW, I embarked on a fascinating journey, immersing myself in various aspects of the field. One of my main responsibilities was creating video content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. I received training in digital creation software, including Adobe Premiere Pro and a cutting-edge system named Hive. While working with Hive, I encountered glitches that inspired me to meticulously document and test its features. My findings were compiled into a report, which I submitted to the developers.

Additionally, I actively participated in reportages, contributing by creating storyboards, pitching ideas, and even interviewing sources as a reporter. This hands-on experience not only enhanced my camera techniques but also expanded my video editing skills significantly.

The first few months were filled with both discoveries and challenges. I found myself overwhelmed by the technicalities and faced hurdles, especially concerning the intricacies of new skills and the bugs in the Hive application. However, these challenges became opportunities for growth. They pushed me to apply the knowledge I had gained in classes, including public speaking, digital editing, and creative writing, to real-world scenarios.

As the internship progressed, my focus sharpened. I became determined to produce the best possible output, which enhanced my resilience and perseverance. My internship at Deutsche Welle not only taught me about the practical application of my skills but also provided valuable life lessons. It showed me the importance of adaptability, problem-solving, and continuous learning.

Looking back, I realize that this journey of learning and growth started with a simple dream. My experience at Deutsche Welle has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors in the field of Global Strategic Communications am truly grateful for the opportunity to study at SGU. Now, I am more confident and ready to face the challenges ahead, all thanks to the transformative power of a dream and the dedication to make it come true.

Contributor: Camilla Azalea
Global Strategic Communications – 2022


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