Keeping Productive During the Holidays

Keeping Productive During the Holidays

Classes are out and its holiday time! With plenty of free time, it’s easy to just choose to lay in bed and watch movies all day. While you probably deserve that, it’s important to stay productive during the semester break. Here are some meaningful things you can do to make your days worthwhile.

Complete your deadlines

Who wants to have a holiday where you have assignments hanging over your head? Yes, we all know that assignments are dreadful but procrastinating them isn’t going to do you any good. Set aside time to complete them so you can have a worry-free break.

Improve your physical health

With extra time on your hands, this makes for a good opportunity to start taking better care of yourself. Start by getting a good night’s rest, eating healthy, and exercising. If hitting the gym isn’t your thing then how about going on walks, cycling, swimming, or maybe even ice skating, the choices are endless. Remember, our health is a priceless wealth.

Set goals for the upcoming semester

After reflecting on the semester that has gone by, maybe you think that there’s something that you could’ve done better. Instead of beating yourself up, set some goals for you to conquer in the upcoming semester. A good kind of goal is a process goal where it is what you intend to do. An example could be setting a target to do three exercise questions everyday or perhaps spend ten minutes reading materials for class. By setting process goals, you are more likely to take action and get them done. It also seems less daunting than performance goals like setting a target to get a perfect GPA for instance. 

Learn a new skill or hobby

Perhaps you need to work on your public speaking or there’s a new recipe you want to try out, now’s the time to do so! Ever thought of painting or learning a new instrument maybe? Who knows, you might have some hidden interests like.

  • Crocheting
  • Candle making
  • Photography
  • Scrapbooking
  • Journaling
  • Gardening
  • And so many more

Take an online course

With the internet so easily accessible, you’ll be surprised at how many online courses are available for you to start. From websites like Coursera or from watching educational Youtube videos, there’s so much new knowledge to gain. Plus, it’ll be a plus for your CV as well.

To conclude, keeping productive during the holidays is important but so is having fun. Therefore, don’t feel overwhelmed in having to be up and about every day. As they say, balance is key, and I hope that you’ll have a meaningful, productive, and entertaining holiday ahead!

Contributor: Carina Liow – Business Management 2021


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