Embrace a new chapter of your academic journey as you step into SGU’s vibrant community, dear students of intake 2023-2024!

Get ready to create memories, forge friendships, and unlock your potential in the years ahead.

Welcome to SGU Family!

In Academic Year 2023/2024, Swiss German University will conduct Student Orientation Week consisting of:

  • Opening, Higher Education and Campus Life introduction, will be held offline on 14-15 August 2023. Preparation for Bela Negara will be held on 15 August 2023.
  • Bela Negara an outdoor activity that aims to strengthen the life of the nation, state, and raise awareness of defending the country. It will be held offline on 16 & 17 August 2023. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Independence Ceremony will be held on 17 August 2023.
  • On 18 August 2023 there will be no activity to give a one-day rest.

Welcome to the SGU Family!

We extend our sincerest greetings and warmest welcome to you as we open the doors to the SGU Orientation Day at the SGU Graduate School.

Throughout this orientation, you will gain valuable insights into the resources, programs, and opportunities that await you. Our dedicated team has meticulously prepared a series of informative sessions designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our institution’s values, facilities, and support services.

We encourage you to actively engage with your fellow peers, faculty members, and staff, as they are here to guide and assist you every step of the way. Embrace this experience with enthusiasm and curiosity, for it is the foundation upon which your academic and professional aspirations will flourish.

To provide you with more details about the event, we have attached the event rundown.

Once again, welcome to the SGU Family. We are confident that your time with us will be marked by growth, achievement, and lasting connections. Thank you for choosing SGU Graduate School, and we look forward to witnessing your journey unfold.