Strategic Management Excursion to Gunung Sewu 2nd Youth Summit 2016

Strategic Management Excursion to Gunung Sewu 2nd Youth Summit 2016

On the 11th October 2016, 42 students of 7th semester in Business Administration Department, Swiss German University, went on a study excursion to Gunung Sewu 2nd Youth Summit held in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. The excursion was a part of the program by Business Administration Department for the 7th semester students. The excursion aimed to sharpen student’s spirit in building a business as well as broadening networking, knowledge, and experience. 

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Gunung Sewu 2nd Youth Summit was a seminar held by Gunung Sewu Group with the topic of  Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Towards Meaningful Progress. The speakers of the Seminar were  persons who dared to dream big and make it happen when it comes to entrepreneurship and giving back to society. The guest speakers  were Najwa Shihab (TV Anchor “Mata Najwa”), Sati Rasuanto (Managing Director Endevour Indonesia), Beaudean Seil (Managing Partner Unitus Impact), Shana Fatina (Founder Tinamitra Mandiri), Husodo Angkosubroto (Chairman Gunung Sewu Group), and Ed Ng (Group CEO Gunung Sewu Group).

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During the seminar, the students were  divided into groups. Each group was given a case study from the company, GGL (Great Giant Livestock) Gunung Sewu and the student assignment was to find  a solution based on the case study. After that, each group presented their solutions. This activity was very effective for the students in order to develop their critical thinking as well as to come up with strategic solution.            

The excursion was really useful for the students. Through seminars, talk shows, and group discussions, students learnt a lot. Students also met new people and gained an extended network which may well  be beneficial for them in the future.