The Unveiling Power of Internships: A Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineer’s Perspective

The Unveiling Power of Internships: A Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineer’s Perspective

Two years ago, I would have struggled to clearly explain what my pharmaceutical chemical engineering degree entailed. This ambiguity is a common experience for students in this field due to its inherently interdisciplinary nature. Textbooks and classrooms can only provide so much context. The true revelation comes from exposure to the industry itself.

Internships offer an invaluable practical perspective that textbooks simply cannot replicate. They demonstrate how theoretical knowledge translates into real-world applications. Have you ever wondered how differential equations and statistical analysis are used in the pharmaceutical industry? An internship answers these questions, enhancing your understanding and classroom performance. Learning becomes more meaningful when you grasp the practical applications.

Internships are a student’s first taste of professional life. Unlike the flexible student schedule, internships require a commitment to showing up and fulfilling your duties every day, from 9 to 5. This cultivates discipline, a crucial skill for the workforce. There may be days you’d rather skip, but learning to fulfill your responsibilities builds character and prepares you for the demands of a full-time job.

Internships showcase the diverse career paths available within the pharmaceutical industry. You might not love your assigned role, but exposure to other departments can spark your interest in a different area. This experience broadens your awareness of potential career options.

While challenging, internships are a necessary reality check. They provide valuable perspective and prepare you for the realities of the industry. This aligns perfectly with SGU’s mission to equip its students with not only academic knowledge but also practical industry experience. SGU offers two internship opportunities: a local internship in Indonesia during the third semester and a longer international internship (6-12 months) in Switzerland or Germany during the sixth semester. These opportunities allow students to gain valuable international work experience alongside their academic pursuits.

SGU goes beyond traditional classroom learning, fostering a holistic educational experience that integrates real-world industry exposure.

Contributor: SGU Brand Champion 2023-2024
Noor Haajarah Rahman – Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering 2022

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