Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics refers to an integrated approach to the multi-disciplinary field involving mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer sciences. The applications of this field are numerous, ranging from manufacturing automation to smart product designs. Our graduates are able to modernize older technological capabilities to take products and manufacturing to the next level. SGU Mechatronics is now partnered with SIEMENS as the first University in South East Asia authorized to conduct Siemens Certification Program.

Career Prospects

In the coming decades, human tasks that tend to be repetitive and require higher speed and quality will lead to more industrial automation in Indonesia. The lack of automation engineers creates such a high need of local competence to maintain and design locally sourced automation. Internationally, development of the internet of things, connectivity of devices and equipments and other intelligent products will require mechatronics engineers

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Studying Hybrid Electric Vehicles is not just about following technological trends; it also provides the ability to adapt to industrial changes and make a positive contribution to global challenges related to transportation and the environment.

The Hybrid Electric Vehicles program prepares students to become professionals who can contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Additionally, the program often includes practical projects and collaborations with the automotive industry to provide students with hands-on experience.

Career Prospects

The Hybrid Electric Vehicles industry presents a multitude of significant career opportunities, reflecting the dynamic evolution of technology and market demand. Below is an overview of key career opportunities:

  • Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Vehicle Software Developer
  • Energy Management and Charging
  • Technopreneur
  • Supply Chain Manager

Each of these career opportunities plays a vital role in realizing innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the continually evolving automotive industry.

Information Technology: Cyber Security

A cybersecurity major immerses students in cutting-edge digital defense, integrating emerging technologies like AI and blockchain to counter evolving threats. Emphasizing ethical hacking, students learn to identify vulnerabilities, navigating legal frameworks in simulated cyber-attacks. In-depth malware analysis equips them to dissect and counter malicious code, while cyber threat intelligence training enables proactive strategies against potential threats. This comprehensive skill set prepares graduates to safeguard digital infrastructure effectively. Armed with expertise in emerging technologies, ethical hacking, malware analysis, and cyber threat intelligence, they navigate the dynamic cybersecurity landscape adeptly, making them valuable assets in defending against diverse cyber threats.

Career Prospects

  1. Cybersecurity Analyst: Focusing on the analysis and implementation of security measures to protect computer systems and networks.
  2. Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester: Identifying vulnerabilities through authorized simulated attacks, enhancing overall system security.
  3. Security Consultant: Providing expert advice, assessing risks, and developing comprehensive security strategies for organizations.
  4. Incident Responder: Managing and mitigating the impact of security incidents, responding swiftly to cyber threats.
  5. Security Architect: Designing secure computer systems, networks, and applications to prevent potential threats.
  6. Security Engineer: Implementing and maintaining security solutions, including firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems.
  7. Threat Intelligence Analyst: Collecting and analyzing data to provide insights into potential cyber threats, aiding proactive defense strategies.

Information Technology: Technopreneurship

Many applications today have been extensively equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability, which makes them more interesting and useful. Besides, the amount of data that is generated online everyday is enormous. This huge amount of data, termed with Big Data is of little use unless it is processed to produce useful insights for business, government, education, society, research etc. Moreover, IT and the Internet have opened big opportunities for many to become IT Entrepreneurs. Many millennial and Z generation have been so attracted by entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship and Startup have become a jargon in almost all educational institutions.

SGU Bachelor IT has been in the forefront in providing IT skills since the beginning. We constantly adapt our teaching to align with the demand of industry. As we have highlighted above, that the need for AI and Data Scientist as well as IT Entrepreneur is increasing, that’s why our new curriculum offered in 2020 will have these two concentrations, AI and Data Scientist and IT Technopreneurship.

Career Prospects

Graduates with an IT Bachelor’s degree enjoy excellent, diverse and global employment opportunities. Many IT graduates work in multinational companies or as IT consultants. IT jobs range from Enterprise Web/Mobile Application Developer, Network Admin and Security, System Analyst, Big Data Analyst, to Technopreneur in IT as well as other IT related businesses.

Information Technology: AI & Data Science

IT Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has actually become something that we usually encounter through today’s technological sophistication, for example, the computer vision application on the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (e-tilang) system in Jakarta that uses smart cameras. In addition there are many other things such as Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and many more. In today’s world, data science also has a big role to predict information and generate useful insights for various fields, such as decision making in business, politics, health, etc.

Committed as a university that always aligns with industry demands, Swiss German University is ready to facilitate these needs through the Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence & Data Science study program.

Career Prospects

To prepare for human resource needs in 2025, SGU prepares its students to compete in the industry as data scientists, AI scientists, and machine learning engineers.

IT Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Engineering: Smart Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics have become new alternative methods that are frequently used for systems optimization in the era of Industry 4.0, for example in process automation, e-commerce, business intelligence and analytics, and predictive maintenance. Utilizing AI and data analytics for improving engineering and business systems requires good understanding and competences in operations management, logistics and supply chain, human factors, economy, and optimization methods. These competences assure that the investment on new sophisticated technology implementation could lead the organization to higher performance and efficiency, along with better sustainability.

In order to support the Indonesian government’s initiatives in Industry 4.0 and circular economy, along with the needs of digital talents that rising in the future of works, Industrial Engineering: Smart Industry of Swiss German University facilitates with the curriculum and conducts collaborative programs with industry and partner universities that are aligned with the needs of human capitals that have competences to optimize the performance of engineering and business systems with artificial intelligence and data analytics

Career Prospects

Industrial Engineering: Smart Industry comes with a wide range of skills that makes them adaptive and resilient to changes. This ensures that an industrial engineer from smart industry specialization can work in both technical and managerial positions such as:

  • Leading a digital transformation team in engineering systems and in business systems (i.e. business development and innovation)
  • Artificial intelligence and data analytics for business and industrial systems optimization (i.e. data driven decision making, risk analysis etc.)
  • Optimizing facility and equipment utility and reliability by implementing data science and analytics (i.e. predictive maintenance)
  • Designing and developing smart system for operations of manufacturing, logistics and supply chain
  • Utilizing additive manufacturing in product design and development, smart product lifecycle management, etc.
  • Occupational health and safety manager, especially with the involvement of smart technologies
  • Quality engineer and quality assurance inspector
  • Consulting and computer automation

The following are industrial sectors that can be opportunities for smart industry engineers:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Service industries (including banking and finance, telecommunication, e-commerce)
  • Engineering, business, and management consulting
  • Mining and energy sectors
  • Innovation and business development

Industrial Engineering: Eco Industry

industrial engineering eco industry

The emerging world issues related to sustainability drive the general industry to achieve cleaner production. With the use of modern tools, concepts, methods, and technologies, green engineering, and technology help to build sustainable and eco-friendly designs and breakthroughs. The concept is aligned with the United Nations 2030 agenda: achieving sustainable development goals. In accordance with the issue, Industrial Engineering: EcoIndustry of Swiss German University has directed students to have a sustainable mindset which is based on economic, environmental, and social perspectives

The field of study includes green economy, circular economy, supply chain management, lean operations, and maintenance management; and equipped with knowledge from digital and technological aspects such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. This set of competences provided to the students ensures that our graduates will be prepared for the competitive market in the industrial world especially in the face of the Industry 4.0 era.

Career Prospects

Industrial Engineering: Eco Industry comes with such a wide range of skills that makes them adaptive and resilient to changes. This ensures that an industrial engineer from eco industry specialization can work in both technical and managerial positions such as:

  • Leading a transformation team, in engineering systems and in business systems (i.e. business development and innovation for sustainability and circular economy)
  • Artificial intelligence and data analytics utilization for business and industrial systems optimization, involving sustainability and circular economy as the performance indicators
  • Optimizing facility and equipment utility and reliability for sustainability, including the implementation of data science and analytics (i.e. predictive maintenance)
  • Designing and developing system for operations of manufacturing, logistics and supply chain that involves sustainability and circular economy as the performance indicators (i.e. green manufacturing and reverse logistics)
  • Engineering in green product design and development, product life cycle assessment for environment, etc.
  • Designing and developing waste management system
  • Energy efficiency engineering
  • Engineering in occupational health and holding a safety managerial position in sustainability

The following are industrial sectors that can be opportunities for eco-industry engineers:

  • Eco-industry and green production
  • Sustainable logistics and supply chain
  • Service industries (green economy, green finance)
  • Mining and energy sectors (including new and renewable energy sectors)
  • Eco-consulting
  • Waste management
industrial engineering eco industry

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Swiss German University? Does the Education agency to Switzerland and Germany?

Swiss German University or commonly known as SGU is not an agent of education, but a Private University with an international program that has been established since 2000 located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

What makes SGU different from other International Universities?

  1. Double Degree: SGU is the first international university in Indonesia which has been established with an international dual degree program, all SGU graduates will get two certificates which is Sarjana from Indonesia and Bachelor from our Partner University in Germany or Switzerland.
  2. Full English Speaking: SGU uses 100% English in teaching and learning activities, books, assignments and thesis.
  3. Dual Internship Programs: SGU students will take two Internships. One semester in Indonesia and the other semester in Germany or Switzerland or other country.
  4. International curriculum recognition: the international curriculum used by SGU has been recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.
  5. Industry 4.0 ready: the curriculum used by SGU is oriented to industry and ready for 4.0 industry.
  6. Qualified Lecturers: Most of SGU Lecture earned they Academic Decree from Top University abroad and they all have experience in the professional world according to the courses they teach.
  7. And there are many other advantages that make SGU the university with the best international education quality in Indonesia.

What Study Programs does SGU offer?

Swiss German University offering 12 Study Programs from 3 Faculties:

1. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology

2. Faculty of Business and Communication

  • Business and Management
  • Accounting and Data Analytics
  • Global Strategic Communications
  • Hotel and Tourism Management
  • International Culinary Business

3. Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment.

How much the range of costs that must be paid to study at SGU?

Normal Development Fee = Rp. 58.500.000 (only in 1st Semester)

Normal Semester Fee = Rp. 30.000.000 or Rp. 27.500.000/semester (depending on the chosen Study Program)

What are the requirements for applying to SGU?

General Requirement:

  1. The candidate should be in 12th grade of high school/ equivalent, or
  2. Bachelor’s program should not be older than 22 years old in the first academic semester.

Required Documents:

  1. 1 copy of report for class 10, 11, and 12, legalized by the principal.
  2. 1 copy of ID card (KTP/ SIM/ Passport) for local students.
  3. 1 copy of Passport & KITAS for International School.
  4. 2 photographs of 4 X 6 cm (in color, with red as background).
  5. 1 copy of Birth Certificate (Akta Kelahiran).
  6. 1 copy of Family Certificate (Kartu Keluarga).
  7. A doctor’s certificate stating that the student does not suffer from color blindness (for Life Sciences student only).
  8. 1 certificate photocopy of High School official certificate (IJAZAH SMA/ SMK/MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED).
  9. 1 certificate photocopy of high school official transcript (Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian Nasional SMA/ SMK/ MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED).
  10. Candidates graduating from overseas or an international high school should legalize (Penyetaraan) the high school certificate through the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia or do take IJAZAH Paket C.

How are the registration steps?

a. Registration

You can register herehttps://entrancetest.sgu.ac.id/bachelor/ in the form completely and correctly.

b. Registration Fee

Transfer the registration fee IDR 400.000 by bank transfer to:


Ban:  BCA – Branch BSD

Account Number:  4973000007

Send the Transfer Receipt and Required Documents to Admission Department by email to [email protected].

c. Entrance Test

  • The Entrance Test consists of English and Mathematics written test.
  • An Entrance Test link will be sent to your email. please take the test a maximum of two days after you receive the email.

d. Interview

  • Interviews can be done by online platform or face to face in SGU Campus the Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera, according to the schedule that you fill on the online registration form.

What are the requirements students from SPK schools?

Prospective students are mandatory to have equivalence certificate from Ministry of National Education Indonesia OR they must have the Ujian Paket C certificate. After that they are welcome to register and complete the requirements such as other prospective students.

Can you give examples of companies that have partnered with SGU in the internship program?


Does SGU have a scholarship program?

Yes, SGU have a scholarship with the following criteria:

  1. Academic Achievement Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has got good academic achievement.
  2. Competition Achievement Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has got achievement in sport/art/science/skill competition.
  3. Recommendation Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has not got any achievement but has got a good attitude, strong motivation to study at SGU, and -most important- recommendation letter from particular person or institution recognized by SGU
  4. Education Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has not got any achievement nor recommendation letter but has got a good attitude, strong motivation to study at SGU, and can fulfil a requirement for this particular scholarship pathway.

What discount will I get if I received the scholarship?

Scholarship recipients will get discount of semester fee from 25% to 100% for two or eight semesters depending on the selection results.

How are the Scholarship registration steps?

You can follow the registration steps in point 5 by choosing the scholarship path during the online registration process.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further information, please contact SGU’s Marketing Department at Hotline 08118010600 (available in WhatsApp) or direct to our Education Consultant:

Or Visit our Social Media, Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @Swissgermanuniv