Master Programs

Art in Business

The Master of Arts is tailored for fresh graduates to continue a further study (Master’s degree) in Business. It is a double degree program, allowing students to receive two degrees, from SGU and our partner University, Ernst-Abbe-Hoschschule (EAH Jena), upon graduation. The study period is one year that is held on Monday until Thursday, which includes an intensive study term at EAH Jena in Germany. What students learn more through MA Program; strategic decision-making skills, better decision making, and international approach to the curriculum. The class size is between 15 and 25 participants and thus ensuring active class involvement

Business Administration

At SGU, our MBA Program exposes our students, who are aspiring professionals, to a journey of both educational and a self-discovery experience in enhancing their capabilities and capacity to create value not only in their professional career but also in their personal development. We comprise a mix of professionals and academicians who are respected in their field of expertise drawn from diversified industries with their experience working in domestic as well as international markets. Furthermore, SGU views our MBA Program as a professional graduate degree program that empowers students to develop their capabilities and competencies through experiential learning and real-life cases drawn from our faculty. All students are expected to develop their critical thinking and their leadership during the Program at SGU. One of the unique parts of MBA Curriculum is CEO Talks, where participants will gain first-hand advice on how to run a successful company.

Information Technology

Studying Master of Information Technology in SGU is the best way to prepare yourself to adapt to the current industry challenges and issues as IT becomes the business enabler, especially considering the growing importance of digital economy and industry 4.0 in Indonesia. A balanced view on IT value and risk are the foundation of the program as reflected the current three concentrations:

  1. Data Science Cyber Security
  2. Data Science Business Informatics
  3. Digital Innovation

The courses are in line with IASA, ISACA and EC-Council curricula and other related professional associations, like IHP (Indonesia HoneyNet Project). Strong cooperation with EC-Council makes interesting discounted packages available for students who want to take certifications from this institute, such as CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CND, etc. There are strong links with ICT industries as some of the lecturers are experienced IT professionals.

Mechanical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering of SGU is committed to support the application of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia. We recognize the need of the mechatronics program in the education system so the graduates will be able to implement automations in the industry to pursue smart factories. We also recognize the need of the Engineering Management program so the graduates will improve their management skills and are ready to support and implement the concept of industry 4.0.

We provide two choices of study concentrations:

  1. Mechatronics
  2. Engineering Management
Study Fee (2020 – 2021)
Study Fee (2020 – 2021)

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Frequently Asked Question

When the class will be started?

Graduate school are open for February and August intake.

When is the class schedule?

Monday to Friday, 8.00 AM -5.00 PM, Mega Kuningan Campus

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 6.30 – 9.30 PM (Evening Class), Mega Kuningan Campus
Saturday: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Alam Sutera Campus

Saturday: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Alam Sutera Campus

Saturday: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Alam Sutera Campus

Accreditation of SGU?

Institution accreditation is B
MA & MBA accreditation are B
MIT accreditation is B
MME accreditation is B

How many students in a class?

We are using small class method to emphasize close interactive in class.

What is double degree program means?

International double degree is a program designed to earn two degree within compact study period. When graduated you will entitle with double degree (MM and MBA or MM and MA)

Is the study held in Indonesia or Germany?

All classes are held in Indonesia for MBA program; you are required to travel to Germany about two (2) weeks in third (3) semester for examinations and study excursions only.
Most classes are held in Indonesia for MA program; you are required to study in Germany about two (2) months in second (2) semester.

Who is the university partner?

We are affiliated with EAH Jena in Germany.

Who are the lecturers?

Our lecturers are PhD from reputable university from overseas and Indonesia. They also have years of experiences in industry.

Are online classes available?

Our master programs can be taken online with minimum requirement one (1) time of attendance for each subject.

Why SGU?

  • As an Education Institution for 20 years experiences, SGU proven educate great alumni from prestigious institution.
  • International double degree for business program.
  • Short study period.
  • 100% English in learning process.
  • Industry-oriented curriculum.

Is there an entrance test?

Yes, we have an entrance test consist of Online test (English and Logic Test for 120 minutes) and Interview.

Is cross-major can apply?

Yes, we do not limit background of education. Our students came from diverse background.