Business Accounting: Becoming Future Highly Demand Accountant

Business Accounting: Becoming Future Highly Demand Accountant

Hi Future Accountants!

Are you ready to become driven and talented in accountancy? Get more benefits and certifications from the highly sought-after Accountancy Institution by joining SGU’s Business Accounting Study Program.

In many organizations and business enterprises, accounting is one of the core functions which enable the company to manage its financial conditions and business transactions. A future career as an accountant is in high demand in various companies. A wide range of professions related to accounting is offered, such as an auditor in the big 4 accounting firms, a tax specialist, an accountant in multinational companies, a financial analyst in the capital market or the banking industry, and a financial consultant.

The Business Accounting study program in SGU is designed to prepare the students for bright careers in the accounting profession. Our excellent programs broaden and enrich students’ understanding in all accounting fields and financial sectors.

We provide a qualified and an international-standard based of accounting and management study program. Our curriculum is evaluated once every five years to compatible with the knowledge development and market needs.

The Business Accounting study program in SGU actively conducts superior researches and publishes the research findings every semester. The research hopes can be utilized for the development of accounting professions, businesses, society, and the nation.

The Business Accounting SGU offers a combination of data literation and accountancy skills for future professional accountants. As future professional accountants in Industry 4.0, you are required not only to focus on accountancy skills, but you are also required to enhance your cognitive abilities.

In Business Accounting, students learn from the basic discipline material to more specialized, advanced discipline applications and data literacy such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Business Analysis, Taxation, Auditing, and Data Science & Information Technology. It will allow our students to blend a conceptual framework with practical “real world” applications.

Business Accounting Study Program in SGU provides free Tax certifications such as Brevet A and Brevet B. We also provide Diploma certifications as Certified Accountants from ACCA UK and Public Accountant recognition from CPA Australia.

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