Creating a Greener Future: Empowering Students for Change

Creating a Greener Future: Empowering Students for Change

In today’s world, environmental challenges are a serious concern. One of the most critical issues is waste management, as global waste production continues to increase, threatening the balance of our ecosystem. Recent statistics show that more than 2.3 billion tons of municipal solid waste are produced annually worldwide, which is expected to increase to 3.4 billion tons by 2050 (World Bank, 2018). Plastic waste is also a significant problem, with an estimated 500 million metric tons produced annually, projected to reach over 30 billion metric tons by 2050 (Geyer et al., 2017).

My journey to tackle these environmental challenges started with the SGU Brand Champion Goes to School program, a community service initiative aligned with SGU’s commitment to RAPIDS (Resilient, Adaptive, Proactive, Integrity, Discipline, and Social Care). With my contribution to the youth community, particularly among the students of Mutiara Bangsa 2 Senior High School, the objective is to instill the importance of the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to preserve the environment and create environmentally conscious future leaders.

The session started with a presentation explaining the global waste problem, raising awareness among students about its importance and urgency. This knowledge helped to engage students in interactive activities.

We played an eco-trivia game during the visit to reinforce numerical data on waste issues. We also conducted a ‘Trash Sorting Game,’ which provided a hands-on platform for students to learn waste sorting practices, empowering them to make a difference in their daily lives.

To encourage practical application, we placed environmentally friendly waste bins in every corner of the school environment, reminding students of the importance of waste management and empowering them to contribute to environmental conservation.

Educational posters were displayed throughout the school as visual aids to reinforce eco-friendly behaviours. These reminders aligned with the SGU Brand Champion’s commitment to social care within the RAPIDS framework, promoting sustainable choices among students.

My participation in these initiatives demonstrates my dedication to effecting positive environmental change. By directly engaging with students and providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools, I hope to create a generation of environmentally conscious leaders who can address global challenges.

Thus, programs like SGU Brand Champion Goes to School are essential in raising awareness and inspiring action on waste management and environmental conservation, especially among the younger generation. We can create a more sustainable future through collaborative efforts and hands-on engagement.

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