5 Things You Should Know about Mechatronics Engineering

5 Things You Should Know about Mechatronics Engineering

Today’s challenge is answering industrial automation needs, and mechatronics is the answer! The emergence of Industry 4.0 forces us to become people who continue to advance, are technology literate, and are always able to answer the needs of industrial automation. So, mechatronics is the answer! To discuss further, here are 5 things you should know about mechatronics engineering:

Seriously, what is Mechatronics Engineering? 

Mechatronics itself is actually a multidisciplinary study between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and programming. These three studies are mixed in such a way and are applied as a whole in order to answer the current real-world problems. In short, mechatronics engineering will help you to be able to manufacture smart products (both for home and industrial use) like robots.

Mechatronics Applications are Easy to Find in Everyday Life

In everyday life, mechatronic applications can be seen from various things. Just like its application in the industrial world, mechatronic applications in everyday life are also made to make your life easier. For those of you who often take selfies, the autofocus on your smartphones is also a clear proof of mechatronic products. In addition, there are several examples of other products such as anti-lock braking systems, photocopier machines, automatic doors, and many more. For those of you who are technology literate, you must also know about the automatic robotic vacuum that is often used by modern families today? Or try to remember the smart LED night light, which can turn on automatically when the weather is getting dark, and turn off when it’s getting bright. Both products are also the result of mechatronics engineering products in everyday life!

One of the Most Amazing Inventions by Mechatronics Engineers: Tesla’s Autopilot 

Ever heard of the autopilot car made by Tesla? There is even a lot of viral content containing videos of a Tesla driver sleeping soundly in a traffic jam. The Tesla car will automatically drive safely and take you to your destination, the smart car is systemized and recognizes the surrounding situation, including traffic lights, intersections, roundabouts, traffic jams, and even knows the best route with a faster estimated time of arrival. Not to mention the ability to find parking spots and park cars automatically. Life made easy! Now, it’s not just a dream, you can also become a future player who contributes to the creation of smart products like Tesla by learning mechatronics engineering. Who knows, in the future you can become one of the pioneers in mechatronics engineering in Indonesia which produces smart products that are worldwide too. 

Mechatronics Engineering Salary in Indonesia is Pretty High

Mechatronics engineering in Indonesia can be considered as a new study. There are so many opportunities that you can take by studying this knowledge. You could say that studying mechatronics engineering is actually quite extensive, industrial automation is the main target of mechatronics engineering students’ fields of work. You can become a robotics engineer / technician, automation engineer, electronics design engineer, control system design / troubleshooting engineer, and many more. Of course this study can also help you to become a future technopreneur like Elon Musk!

Mechatronics engineering salary in Indonesia can vary a lot, for fresh grads usually starts from Rp.5,000,000, – if you work for local companies. However, the mechatronics engineering salary range in Indonesia will be different if you work for a multinational company, it can range between Rp. 7,000,000 – 10,000,000 / month. 

Mechatronics Engineering Allows You to Support the Industry of the Future!

Even though it sounds strange, mechatronics engineering in Indonesia is not new. Simply put, you just have to look at the various types of machines in the industry that use automation to make the manufacturing flow efficient. However, the emergence of Industry 4.0 will require us to support the industry of the future, such as cooperation between humans and machines / robots. You can develop new solutions to industrial problems using mechanical and electronic processes and computer technology, design and develop engineering systems for automation of industrial tasks, apply mechatronic solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods, and many more. In short, with a contribution of this magnitude, you can have a big impact, you have a big role in solving real world problems in Industry 4.0 with all the technological advancements in it. It is a very challenging and impactful study. 

Studying Mechatronics in SGU is the best way to prepare yourself to be an excellent and well-balanced engineer. The standard of mechatronics teaching at Swiss German University uses a design-based learning and project-based learning system. Mechatronics SGU curriculum is more emphasis on teaching systems based on the Siemens Mechatronics Systems Certification Program. Almost all subjects are taught by giving the general mechatronics system by means of a system approach, that the more detailed lessons of the corresponding topics, components as well as their fundamental analysis will be brought up as part of the overall system. You will learn how to design and manufacture the project, troubleshoot, solve & analyze the problem. Mechatronics SGU also allows you to do the project individually to be able to work in a variety of conditions.

Interested in knowing more about studying Mechatronics Engineering in SGU? Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our consultant and find out more. 


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