Biomedical Engineering: Another way to contribute in the healthcare sector, besides being a doctor!

Biomedical Engineering: Another way to contribute in the healthcare sector, besides being a doctor!

If you visit a hospital, you will definitely find medical devices that doctors often use to help analyze diagnosis of the disease you are experiencing. You might be familiar with stethoscopes or tensimeters. Besides, there are also more sophisticated devices such as ultrasound (sonography), implants or artificial organs, lasers, physiotherapy medical rehabilitation devices, and many more.

Doctors often use these tools to assist them in diagnosing, analyzing, or providing therapy for patients. However, it is not actually the doctor who creates these tools, behind it there is a biomedical engineer who plays a role behind it. It is them who create and develop these devices to support patient health. In short, if you want to become a person who contributes to the healthcare sector, you can also become a biomedical engineer. 

There are plenty of medical devices in Indonesia and all over the world, and we need biomedical engineers. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the companies and hospitals to find them, since there have not been many experts in Biomedical Engineering in Indonesia. This can be seen as an interesting opportunity that you can take. Start now by studying Biomedical Engineering at SGU.

Biomedical Engineering is a study field that applies engineering principles to find the solution of problems in biology and medicine with the goal of improving health care. It combines basic sciences and engineering to develop, improve, and produce medical equipment or methodology. The applications are wide, such as medical instruments, rehabilitation and assisting devices, medical imaging, cell engineering, bioinformatics, and many more. Biomedical Engineering SGU will prepare you for these. 

There are several advantages if you study Biomedical Engineering at SGU. First, because the entire learning process will be delivered in English and you will be offered with a curriculum that continues to adapt. This means that you can also have the opportunity to become international biomedical engineers. Another uniqueness is that SGU Biomedical Engineering  also has a double degree program in Germany. With this opportunity, you can get the experience to intern and take several classes in Germany. As a country that is always exposed to the latest technology, here you can experience a multinational environment with people who are also passionate in the field of biomedical engineering and introduce you to the environment of hospital management, medical industry, and research institutions. 

When you study Biomedical Engineering at SGU, you will get several courses such as faculty compulsory courses (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Entrepreneurship), department compulsory courses (Electrical Engineering, Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation). Also, other important courses such as Medical Instrumentation, Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biosensors, Bioinformatics, Medical Biotechnology, Rehabilitation Engineering, Clinical Engineering, and other relevant subjects. Through the combination of theory and industrial practical experience during the internship program in Indonesia and in Germany, you will be equipped with the strong competency needed for the future professional work.

With a Biomedical Engineering degree, you can build your future career in engineering principles to find the solution of problems in biology and medicine with the goal of improving health care. It is a unique expertise for your future career. 

  1. Hospital & Clinics : clinical engineers, consultants for Biomedical Equipment.
  2. Industries : production manager, maintenance & quality control manager, R&D engineer, sales engineer
  3. Researcher : develop technology and method for healthcare improvement
  4. Government sector : regulator, bureaucrat

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