Master of Mechanical Engineering: Forming Expert Who Are Compatible with Smart Manufacturing Concept

Master of Mechanical Engineering: Forming Expert Who Are Compatible with Smart Manufacturing Concept

Are you ready to become an expert in smart manufacturing?

In the industrial era 4.0, many companies have implemented automation to pursue smart manufacturing. However, it is not just about applying the internet or technology.

Smart manufacturing changes the overall process that includes driving components such as human resources, business, and corporate mindset. This condition requires experts who have skills and knowledge that are fitted with the industry concept 4.0.

The Master of Mechanical Engineering of Swiss German University is committed to supporting the application of Industry 4.0 and the smart manufacturing concept in Indonesia. There are two concentration options in The SGU Master of Mechanical Engineering:

1. Mechatronics

We recognize the need for a mechatronics program in the education system so the graduates will be able to implement automation in the industry to pursue a smart factory. Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary study dealing with the integration of mechanical devices, actuators, sensors, electronics, intelligent controllers, and computers.

Many new generations of consumer or commercial products can be classified as mechatronic products as they involve mechanical as well as electronic components. The need for mechatronic education has grown due to the increase in the number also the importance of such systems and devices.

Mechatronic engineering skills are in demand by both national and international companies. They need to ensure that the products of manufacture are up-to-date and can be produced economically.

Mechatronics engineering has become an internationally recognized discipline with degree programs offered in Japan, the United States of America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. There are many opportunities for mechatronics graduates. With the multi-disciplinary nature of mechatronics engineering, it is anticipated that mechatronics engineers will have excellent opportunities and progress quickly to jobs with greater responsibilities.

A recent survey of companies employing our graduates indicated strong support for the degree. Mechatronics engineers are employed in a wide range of jobs in the design, improvement, implementation, and maintenance of high-tech products. They are also employed in services and processes in mechanical, electronic, and computer-related businesses.

2. Engineering Management

We also recognize the need for Engineering Management for industry 4.0. The graduates of Engineering Management will improve their skills and ready to support also implement the concept of industry 4.0.

Engineering Management is dealing with designing, improving, optimizing, operating, and managing multilevel integrated systems of technology, business, and organization in the industry to improve the system performance, quality, products, and service innovations.

Management level in the industry should be knowledgeable in this area of ​​expertise. It will make them be able to support the implementation of Industry 4.0 in an integrated system aspect.

Master of Mechanical Engineering graduates will have the capabilities to work effectively in various positions both in the public and private sectors.  Career opportunities that can be pursued from these graduates are Research and Development, University positions – Ph.D. programs, Project manager, Consultant, Project sales, Teaching, Civil Servant.***

SGU Master of Mechanical Engineering at SGU offers two concentrations:
  • Manajemen Teknik
  • Mekatronika
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Curriculum – ME – Engineering Management
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