Study IT at SGU: Your Way to be the Next Data Scientist & Technopreneur

Study IT at SGU: Your Way to be the Next Data Scientist & Technopreneur

The development and advancement of technology today is so fast. For example, this can be found in the implementation of everyday life that is extensively equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, for example when viewing Spotify playlist recommendation or the chatbot feature as a substitute for customer service on the website. Another sign of technology advancement is the enormous amount of data that is generated online everyday, termed with Big Data. This huge amount of data is of little use unless it is processed to produce useful insights for business, government, education, society, research etc. Real examples of Big Data include the use of data from social media to record customer behavior and interests, so that they can be adjusted to the strategic planning of marketing goods / services.

Moreover, IT and the Internet have opened big opportunities for many to become technopreneurs. Many millennials and Z generation have been so attracted by entrepreneurship, you name it big names like TikTok, Google, WhatsApp, and many other brands. Behind this big brand, there are masterminds who play behind the scenes, namely Zhang Yi Ming (TikTok), Larry Page (Google), and Brian Acton (WhatsApp). 

Seeing these two things, SGU also facilitates students to constantly adapt our teaching to align with the demand of industry. As we have highlighted above, the need for AI and Data Scientist as well as IT Technopreneur is increasing. That’s why if you study IT at SGU, you can get a new curriculum offered in 2020 with our two new concentrations: AI and Data Scientist and IT Entrepreneur.

We need a strong foundation for the two concentrations. When you study IT at SGU, you can get foundation courses in semester 1 – 4. Among the foundation courses are courses which prepare our students to be Full Stack Developer. A full stack developer is a computer programmer, who is capable of both front and back end coding. He / she is equipped with the skills to design user interactions on websites and databases, to set up servers for website functionality as well as coding for mobile platforms.

Students who study IT at SGU will also be prepared to take a professional certification of their choice. This certification would expand their knowledge and allow a smoother entrance to the job market.  

In the future, graduates with an IT Bachelor’s degree may enjoy excellent, diverse and global employment opportunities. Many IT graduates work in multinational companies or IT consultants. 

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Build your future to be the next data scientist or Indonesian Technopreneur with SGU. Interested in knowing more about studying Information Technology at SGU? Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our consultant and find out more.

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