The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0

Kepentingan Kecerdasan Buatan dalam Industri 4.0

Nowadays, the price of the latest smartphones aren’t that much different from the prices of smartphones a few years ago despite the increasingly better capabilities and quality. This decrease in price is a result of the effectiveness of industry, the field in which companies offer goods or services for obtaining profit. The evolution of industry (also known as the industrial revolution) has started since the 18th century, being the first industrial revolution. Now in the 21st century, we have entered the 4th industrial revolution, characterized by the presence of smart technology which automates the processes of obtaining profit in an easier and practical manner. Without the industrial revolution, the world and technology is highly unlikely to be this advanced, and the production of goods would keep initiating in a traditional and uneconomic manner.

What exactly is the influence of Artificial Intelligence in the world of industry?

Artificial intelligence are machines possessing man-made intelligence, just like living beings. This tool can be used to do activities automatically. In the world of industry, this tool is most often used for the automation of machinery and the production of goods.

With the ever-growing massiveness of Artificial Intelligence in industries, it is crucial for companies to obtain laborers with superb mastery over Artificial Intelligence. Swiss German University as the first international university in Indonesia offering double degree programs also has AI and Data Science programs.

During the 1st until the 4th semester, students are also provided with subjects that prepare them to be a Full Stack Developer aside from the necessary subjects. Options for the students’ career paths are data scientist, AI scientist, machine learning engineer, and other promising career.

The study program of AI and Data Analytics of Swiss German University also provides its students with skills to develop user interaction in websites and databases, set servers for functionality of websites, along with the programming of mobile platforms. Aside from that, AI and Data Analytics students are given guidance for choosing professional certifications which can be useful for their career life in the professional world.

If you want to delve deeper into the realm of AI & Data Science at SGU, feel free to connect with our dedicated consultants. Your exciting odyssey toward a fulfilling career in AI & Data Science begins here.

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