Lost and Found Reward 2018

Lost and Found Reward 2018

The Lost and Found Award is held annually by the Directorate of Facility Management of Swiss German University in order to show appreciation for the honesty and integrity of Facility Management staff who return any items that they find during their working hours to the Lost & Found Service, a place where lost items are kept to await reclaiming by their owners.

This year, the Lost and Found Award was awarded to four members of SGU staff on 31 January 2018. Five members of Facility Management staff received rewards based on the accumulated value of the items successfully returned to their owners. They are: Rizki Anugerah, Ade Yusri, Tatang Rochim, Adityatama Ratangga and Wiwit Setyowati. One special award went to the Head of Library, Ms. Maria Lamury, S.S., M.P., on recognition of her dedication to reporting, tracing and managing a very valuable item that she found in the library.

At the end of the event, a representative of Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa gave a token of appreciation to the representative of Facility Management staff regarding the exemplary lost and found service that helps many people in SGU, especially students. Hopefully, this award can motivate all Facility Management staff to provide excellent service and create a sense of security for everyone in the SGU community.

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