800 Millions Workers in The world Could Be Displaced by Automation in 2030

800 Millions Workers in The world Could Be Displaced by Automation in 2030

Did you know that as many as 400 million to 800 million workers in the world could be displaced by automation in 2030? (Mc Kinsey Report, 2017)

The digital revolution demands all social components, both society, business, and government, to adapt immediately. They perform a digital transformation, namely a process to convert various information from analog to digital format. People around the world believe that digital transformation can eliminate some of the pre-existing professions or jobs.

On the other hand, there are needs for new experts in the digital era. Workers need to look for opportunities to fill the needs of experts in this digital era. One of the experts needed is a Digital Transformation architect.

What is a Digital Transformation Architect? What skills are needed?

Head of the Master of Information and Technology Study Program at Swiss German University (MIT SGU), Eka Budiarto, said that currently, many companies are implementing digital transformation with a trial and error system. The digital transformation policy that has been carried out is only a copy of what has been done by other companies. Even though the digital transformation process should be planned and designed so that it can add value to the company.

According to Eka, companies need to have their own strategic plans in carrying out the digital transformation process because their needs will be different. The strategy must be by following the business plan, business goal, and company conditions.

“Companies need to pay attention to existing technology by considering its advantages and disadvantages. After that, combine it with our business strategy plan so that digital transformation can add value to the company, “he said during the Digital Clinic event organized by the Master of Information Technology Swiss German University (MIT SGU), Thursday (12/11/2020).

That is why companies need a digital transformation architect. He is the person who will plan all aspects of this digital transformation. In the United States, the salary of a digital transformation architect can average US $ 122,500 or IDR 1.7 billion per year.

Skills Required

Eka said that the MIT SGU program provides several courses that can be the basis of knowledge for technology transformation architects, such as IT Governance Project Management and Risk Management. Besides, Master of Information and Technology students also provide courses related to analytical data.

“In the future, data will be very important. More specific material will also be provided, including hot topics such as blockchain,” he said.

MIT SGU alumni and speaker at the Digital Clinic, Ignasius Irawan, said that a digital transformation architect also needs to pay attention to digital risks. Cybersecurity is essential when building digital infrastructure. Currently, there are various kinds of cyberattacks such as hacking, identity theft, and malware.

Several ways can be done to secure digital transformation. These methods include improving the security posture of your digital core, build security into the software development life cycle, gain deeper insight into threats proven, and automate incident responses.***


“Saya sangat menyukai semua materinya apa lagi disampaikan dengan cara yang menarik dan mudah dimengerti” (Siti Aida Siswarana – Dinas Komunikasi Informatika dan Statistik Kota Cirebon)


“Sesi pertanyaan yang interaktif , membuat saya lebih paham tentang materi yang disampaikan.” (Refais Akbar Zufira –Mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Surabaya).


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