Frozen Food Technology

Frozen Food Technology

30 mins Recreation Comes from a Magical Box in Your House

During home quarantine, all activities must be carried out from home. For example, work and school from home, online shopping, including hanging out with family. Before the pandemic, usually a family spends at least once a week going out and enjoying some relaxing time together. Now we have to be stuck at home, and there is often a great temptation to leave, but it is too dangerous.

With frozen food technology, we can enjoy 30 minutes recreation at home with quick preparation and overcome the boredom! It all comes from the magic box in your house (read: your refrigerator). You can open the fridge, find your favorite snacks such as French fries, nuggets, sausages, pastries, etc. It only takes less than 10 minutes to reheat or fry and serve it directly, then you can have quality time with family at home.

What is Frozen Food Technology?

In short, frozen food technology is food that has gone through a series of processing stages using the temperature at its freezing point. These techniques have been developed by many, one of which is Clarence Birdseye who is considered the founder of the modern frozen food industry.

A precise frozen food technology process is needed so that the quality of food can last quite a long time, but still delicious to eat. Each type of food has a different way of freezing. Here are some types of frozen food and examples:

  1. Processed fruits and vegetables: bitterballen, rissole, raspberry / strawberry puree 
  2. Cereals: kebab, schotel macaroni 
  3. Bread Products: pastries, pizza, pies 
  4. Processed meat & fish: chicken strips, sausages, meatballs, dim sum 
  5. Processed Eggs: egg whites

Are there any of you who are immediately curious to open the fridge after reading the list?

Food Technology Experts Play a Big Role in Frozen Food!

Food technology experts are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that the world does not have a shortage of food. One of the initiations they did was producing frozen food.

In processing frozen food, there are various techniques and guidelines that must be followed by a food technology expert, such as:

1. Selection of Raw Materials 
Different foodstuffs have different standards. Chicken nuggets, for example, the chicken used must be clean, chewy in texture, and yellowish white in color.

2. Freezing Process
Processed food undergoes a fast freezing process at -35° to -40°C for 30-40 minutes. If necessary, food technology experts will also use other additives to help preserve the product.

3. Hygienic during the freezing process
Usually sanitation activities are carried out on materials, using hot water or chemical sanitizers. Cleanliness of equipment, freezers, and the employees involved to maintain the hygiene.

4. Food Packaging
Packaging is usually carried out in a clean room, access to packaging space is limited to certain employees only. A food technology expert can also decide the type of packaging and packaging technique for frozen food, whether to vacuum it or not, using coated paper or plastic packaging.

5. Food Storage
A food technology expert knows how to store and the room temperature level needed so that product quality does not change. In addition, they also know how to ensure that the flow of products in and out runs smoothly.

Turns out that the food freezing technology is very interesting. Frozen food can of course be distributed all over the world, if you take part in it, that means you are involved in providing the world’s food supply! To become a food technology expert, you need to start with the right education by choosing a university which provides food technology study in Indonesia.

SGU Food Technology provides the opportunity to join a fast-growing food industry. A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences gained during two internships, in Indonesia and Germany, provide our graduates with appropriate skills in science and technology, together with creative and innovative flair.

SGU Food Technology offers 2 curricula:

  • Single Degree
  • Double Degree at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University or Fachhochschule Südwestfalen

Download our curriculum by clicking the button at the end of this article.

What are you waiting for, study Food Technology at SGU. Contact our consultant to find out more!

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