International Culinary Business: Your First Step to be the Next Culinary Entrepreneur

International Culinary Business: Your First Step to be the Next Culinary Entrepreneur

The culinary industry is developing both nationally and internationally. We can clearly know how the development of the culinary industry in Indonesia. Indonesian youths must have noticed the increasing number of cafes that have sprung up in recent years. In the past, you could say that it was difficult to find a cafe that provided good coffee and food in it, now you can easily find a cafe not only in big cities but even in developing provinces. Usually young people are behind this business, with millions of brilliant ideas at their disposal.

As with the restaurant business, so many young people are starting to get into the culinary business and run their own restaurants. Starting from cheap and simple food, to more luxurious food. Surely the culinary industry in Indonesia will be growing rapidly, and if you are ready to be the next person, then SGU International Culinary Business is the right place to start.

In contrast to SGU Hotel Management which also provides culinary courses, International Culinary Business is indeed more into an intermediate level. If you take this concentration, you will receive culinary courses from basic to advanced. SGU International Culinary Business will be suitable for those of you who really want to focus on building a career as a culinary entrepreneur. 

Given that SGU International Culinary Business has several practical courses, we continue to make sure the learning process continues during the pandemic. Students can still take practical classes during the pandemic through a hybrid plan system which is a combination of online and offline. This offline class can be followed without coercion, students who live in the Jakarta and Tangerang areas are encouraged to attend practicum as long as they have received permission from their parents. In addition, because the practicum course is conducted offline, SGU International Culinary Business also adheres to class protocols and requirements such as the number of certain students in one meeting, as regulated by SGU Gugus Tugas Covid-19 Team.

SGU offers accredited degrees with international exposure in Switzerland through our partner university (International Management Institute Switzerland). Our partnership with prominent associations (Association of Culinary Professionals, PT Langgeng Makmur Kencana, and others) within the culinary industry also allow our students to learn directly from industry professionals. 

SGU is the first and only to offer a double degree program in Culinary Business in Indonesia. Through this program, every student is required to go to Switzerland and study at the International Management Institute.

The program consists of culinary courses taught by experienced SGU lecturers in Indonesia and world class European culinary courses in Switzerland. You will continue to expand your skills and knowledge towards advanced skills. In the final semesters, you will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills to be future owners / operators in the culinary industry. 

Speaking of internships, every SGU International Culinary Business student will be required to take part in two internships: in Indonesia and abroad. In their first internship in Indonesia, students will be usually directed to hot kitchens (a kitchen that supports the use of heat in cooking all sorts of ingredients, whether by boiling, steaming, frying, stir-frying, stewing or roasting, etc.). In the second internship, they will usually be directed to take the cold kitchens (a kitchen that supports cooking processes that do not require heat). 

These two internship programs are of course formed so that students can gain advanced culinary skills. Those who really want to be chefs or entrepreneurs can be more focused. Students will also be further nurtured through the 5 Days Culinary Preneur program, an additional program special for International Culinary Business students that allows them to make a culinary business plan with experienced mentors.

SGU International Culinary Business graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in managerial positions within the culinary industry, in addition to potential owners of future culinary establishments. The following are some career prospects for those of you who study International Culinary Business at SGU: 

  • Chef Owner (Restaurant, Café, Bakery, etc.)
  • Professional Chef
  • Culinary Consultant
  • Food Stylist
  • Catering Services
  • Cruise Staff

Wait no more, take your opportunity to study International Culinary Business at SGU! Interested in knowing more about studying International Culinary Business at SGU? Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our consultant and find out more.


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