Faculty of Business and Communication

Business and Management

The Business Management Study Program offers three concentrations: Digital Marketing, Finance and Business Analytic, Innovative Entrepreneurship. Each of these concentrations supply the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management. Students are also enriched with the International Certification, Entrepreneurship Development Program as well as an International Computer-Based program which enables students to succeed in the constantly changing and highly competitive business environment globally.

Career Prospects

Business Management graduates have the chance to have their own business as an entrepreneur or work at a managerial level in a multinational company, both in the manufacturing and the service sectors, such as BMW, Siemens, DBS, Ernst and Young, Coca Cola, and others. Some other prospective careers include Brand Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Public Relations Manager, Export/Import Manager, and Finance Manager.

Business Accounting

Discover our Exceptional Qualities & Unique Advantages:

  • ADAPTING INDUSTRY-BASED CURRICULUM: providing students with a passport to the profession and a roadmap for future career success in accounting field. The internship will be allocated with high relevance skill as Business Accountant (Hands-on Experience with Real-world Accounting – KAP and Non KAP)
  • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGICAL SAVVY (INTEGRATION) – (Audit, Accurate, SAP) are embedded in the curriculum to develop work-place ready skills opening doors to a world of career opportunities upon graduation
  • THE PRACTITIONER-TEACHING APPROACH significantly enhances student engagement with the industry, allowing them to gain practical insights and hands-on experience from best-practices
  • FINAL PROJECT BASED: is designed to integrate practical application and real-world. This project will analyse and interprete cost data, preparing performance reports, and providing recommendations for improving operational efficiency and cost management within organizations.

Career Prospects

A future career as an accountant is in high demand in various companies. A wide range of professions related to accounting are offered, such as an auditor in the big four accounting firms, a tax specialist, an accountant or controller in multinational companies, a financial analyst in the capital market or the banking industry and a financial consultant.

Global Strategic Communications

The Global Strategic Communication curriculum focuses on combining the study of media technology, public relations, journalism, strategic communications, and culture with the emphasis on international exposure. SGU prepares students with vast international exposure in language, culture, learning materials, lecturers, internships and two professional competency certifications that is Junior Public Relations from PERHUMAS Public relations certification program (LSP PRI) and Digital English Journalism Certification from The Jakarta Post Foundation.

Career Prospects

SGU produces graduates who have a high competence in the field of public relations and/or journalism and who are disciplined and ready to become communication specialists in the international working environment.

Hotel & Tourism Management

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management with opportunities to study and complete internship programs in Germany, Switzerland, or anywhere in the world. Our double degree program with International Management Institute (IMI) Switzerland enables students to study in the best hospitality environment in the world. IMI Switzerland is acknowledged as one of the leading providers of education in Switzerland that offers a series of hospitality, tourism, culinary, and global business management related programs. With three degrees awarded from SGU, IMI, and IMI’s partner university, students are equipped with high-level qualifications to enter the international hospitality industry.

Career Prospects

SGU’s Hotel & Tourism Management graduates will have career opportunities to work in national and multinational organization within the hospitality industry, such as accommodation, food & beverage, business in travel & tourism, and marketing events. In addition, graduates are also trained with professional business skills to operate within this industry as future supervisors, managers, and owners.

International Culinary Business

In partnership with IMI (International Management Institute) Switzerland, SGU offers a double degree program in International Culinary Business. The program consists of culinary courses taught by experienced SGU lectures in Indonesia and world class European culinary courses in Switzerland. Throughout their study, they will continue to expand their skills and knowledge towards advanced skills. In their final semesters, they will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills to be future owners/operators in the culinary industry.

Career Prospects

The culinary industry is ever growing both nationwide in Indonesia and internationally. Graduates of this program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in managerial positions within the culinary industry, in addition to potential owners of future culinary establishments. Students can seek opportunities to become chef owners (restaurant, café, bakery, etc.), professional chefs, culinary consultants, food stylists, catering service owners, cruise staff, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Swiss German University? Does the Education agency to Switzerland and Germany?

Swiss German University or commonly known as SGU is not an agent of education, but a Private University with an international program that has been established since 2000 located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

What makes SGU different from other International Universities?

  1. Double Degree: SGU is the first international university in Indonesia which has been established with an international dual degree program, all SGU graduates will get two certificates which is Sarjana from Indonesia and Bachelor from our Partner University in Germany or Switzerland.
  2. Full English Speaking: SGU uses 100% English in teaching and learning activities, books, assignments and thesis.
  3. Dual Internship Programs: SGU students will take two Internships. One semester in Indonesia and the other semester in Germany or Switzerland or other country.
  4. International curriculum recognition: the international curriculum used by SGU has been recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.
  5. Industry 4.0 ready: the curriculum used by SGU is oriented to industry and ready for 4.0 industry.
  6. Qualified Lecturers: Most of SGU Lecture earned they Academic Decree from Top University abroad and they all have experience in the professional world according to the courses they teach.
  7. And there are many other advantages that make SGU the university with the best international education quality in Indonesia.

What Study Programs does SGU offer?

Swiss German University offering 12 Study Programs from 3 Faculties:

1. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology

2. Faculty of Business and Communication

  • Business and Management
  • Accounting and Data Analytics
  • Global Strategic Communications
  • Hotel and Tourism Management
  • International Culinary Business

3. Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment.

How much the range of costs that must be paid to study at SGU?

Normal Development Fee = Rp. 58.500.000 (only in 1st Semester)

Normal Semester Fee = Rp. 30.000.000 or Rp. 27.500.000/semester (depending on the chosen Study Program)

What are the requirements for applying to SGU?

General Requirement:

  1. The candidate should be in 12th grade of high school/ equivalent, or
  2. Bachelor’s program should not be older than 22 years old in the first academic semester.

Required Documents:

  1. 1 copy of report for class 10, 11, and 12, legalized by the principal.
  2. 1 copy of ID card (KTP/ SIM/ Passport) for local students.
  3. 1 copy of Passport & KITAS for International School.
  4. 2 photographs of 4 X 6 cm (in color, with red as background).
  5. 1 copy of Birth Certificate (Akta Kelahiran).
  6. 1 copy of Family Certificate (Kartu Keluarga).
  7. A doctor’s certificate stating that the student does not suffer from color blindness (for Life Sciences student only).
  8. 1 certificate photocopy of High School official certificate (IJAZAH SMA/ SMK/MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED).
  9. 1 certificate photocopy of high school official transcript (Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian Nasional SMA/ SMK/ MA) legalized by the principal (ONCE IT IS PUBLISHED).
  10. Candidates graduating from overseas or an international high school should legalize (Penyetaraan) the high school certificate through the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia or do take IJAZAH Paket C.

How are the registration steps?

a. Registration

You can register herehttps://entrancetest.sgu.ac.id/bachelor/ in the form completely and correctly.

b. Registration Fee

Transfer the registration fee IDR 400.000 by bank transfer to:


Ban:  BCA – Branch BSD

Account Number:  4973000007

Send the Transfer Receipt and Required Documents to Admission Department by email to [email protected].

c. Entrance Test

  • The Entrance Test consists of English and Mathematics written test.
  • An Entrance Test link will be sent to your email. please take the test a maximum of two days after you receive the email.

d. Interview

  • Interviews can be done by online platform or face to face in SGU Campus the Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera, according to the schedule that you fill on the online registration form.

What are the requirements students from SPK schools?

Prospective students are mandatory to have equivalence certificate from Ministry of National Education Indonesia OR they must have the Ujian Paket C certificate. After that they are welcome to register and complete the requirements such as other prospective students.

Can you give examples of companies that have partnered with SGU in the internship program?


Does SGU have a scholarship program?

Yes, SGU have a scholarship with the following criteria:

  1. Academic Achievement Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has got good academic achievement.
  2. Competition Achievement Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has got achievement in sport/art/science/skill competition.
  3. Recommendation Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has not got any achievement but has got a good attitude, strong motivation to study at SGU, and -most important- recommendation letter from particular person or institution recognized by SGU
  4. Education Scholarship: given to the Candidate whose has not got any achievement nor recommendation letter but has got a good attitude, strong motivation to study at SGU, and can fulfil a requirement for this particular scholarship pathway.

What discount will I get if I received the scholarship?

Scholarship recipients will get discount of semester fee from 25% to 100% for two or eight semesters depending on the selection results.

How are the Scholarship registration steps?

You can follow the registration steps in point 5 by choosing the scholarship path during the online registration process.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further information, please contact SGU’s Marketing Department at Hotline 08118010600 (available in WhatsApp) or direct to our Education Consultant:

Or Visit our Social Media, Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @Swissgermanuniv