The Resilient Spirit of SGU Students to Become Heroes from Zero

The Resilient Spirit of SGU Students to Become Heroes from Zero

Each high school graduate has a dream that they want to fulfill in their life. But many of them are still confused about how to achieve it. They finally tried various efforts to find a way to their dreams. On the way, they often face challenges even failures.

Swiss German University is a place for many young people to have dreams in their lives. Some dream to become researchers, hold strategic positions in the industry, or become successful entrepreneurs. Together they forge themselves to become resilience people in achieving their goals.

Their struggle stems from the small class sizes designed for SGU students. They are encouraged to actively express their opinions and ideas. This small class size also helps lecturers to communicate intensively with their students and provide direction on what they should do to achieve their goals.

“We have extraordinary lectures. Apart from the knowledge they provide, their support means a lot to me. They really care about their students. Not only teaching with knowledge but also with heart,” said Oliver Benedict, an alumnus of SGU Mechatronics 2016.

Oliver Benedict (Automation Engineer at Landpack GmbH, Germany)

Students not only learn theories whose curriculum is made according to international standards, but they also get a lot of knowledge from case studies provided by lecturers. This makes students learn to implement ideas and solve problems.

 “While other students are busy preparing for quizzes, we are busy thinking about our ideas for various projects. From weekly projects to final projects, personal and team projects. And now it’s really paying off. This has successfully prepared me for a real industry, “said Astrid Wibisono, an alumnus of SGU Global Strategic Communication 2006.

Astrid Wibisono (News Anchor & Producer at Kompas TV)

Not only studying in class, but students are also given an internship program that helps them get to know the world of work and also network. In addition to internships in Indonesia, they even have the opportunity to do internships in European countries such as Germany and Switzerland for one semester.

 “Two internship periods played a big role in shaping my professionalism. After studying at SGU, I was able to contribute my knowledge directly to my current position at the Prysmian Group, supplying various renewable energy projects with cables and our services around the world, “said Joshua Suhadi Sabarman, Alumni of SGU Sustainable Energy and Environment 2015.

Joshua Suhadi Sabarman (International Graduate at Prysmian Group)

In the internship program, they practice how to implement the knowledge they get in class. They are also encouraged to adapt to the work environment.

“I would describe Swiss German University has played a key role in my professional experience. It was exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the international university reputation and my career goals,” said the alumni of SGU Food Technology 2007.

Chrystian Adhiputra (Senior Brand Manager at The Coca-Cola Company)

Even so, the struggle to be able to get the internship opportunity did not get easier. They have to fend for themselves to find companies that accept them internships. Some of them even had internships in places far from urban areas.

For example, Bjorn Derian Indrajaja, an alumnus of Sustainable Energy and Environment 2015, is willing to go to Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur for an internship. He also had to struggle to live independently while doing an internship in Germany for one semester. Even so, nothing was in vain. His extensive experience made him immediately accepted to work before graduating from college.

“Apart from studying, we have to do compulsory internships in Indonesia and Germany, which give me the best qualifications a student can get. Because of the vast experience I received because of this study program, I was offered a job at GIZ Indonesia before I even graduated. I’m currently in Sumba, NTT supporting the Sumba Iconic Island project, “he said.

Bjorn Derian Indradjaja (Solar Sales Executive PT Selaras Daya Utama)

The struggle they went through was not easy. There are times when students feel tired and unsure of success. However, the family atmosphere at SGU is so strong that students and lecturers are used to providing support to one another.

“It was a busy period, taking ECTS over four years while juggling two internships; but anyway, it’s fun. Not to mention because lecturers are a mixture of academics and practitioners, students are not only able to understand the curriculum theoretically but also how these theories are applied in the industrial world. I am grateful for my decision to choose SGU first, “said Irda wandira, an alumnus of the 2012 SGU Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Irda Wandira (Supply Planning Manager – PT. Soho Industri Farmasi)

Apart from gaining experience, internships also provide many opportunities for students to gain networking. This can pave the way for students to go through the next stage in achieving their goals. For example, Christian Alison M. Piolo, a Filipino citizen who was offered by his supervisor to return to Germany after his internship. His outstanding performance during his internship led him to be offered to undertake bachelor research at the Fachhochschule Sudwestfalen, Germany. Even after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, this 2016 SGU Industrial Engineering alumnus got a job as a research assistant so he could get financial support to continue his master’s at the same college.

Not only because of internships, but some students also get job offers because they have good performance while studying and doing their final assignments. Moreover, several lecturers at SGU are also practitioners in various companies, so it is possible to provide recommendations for students who excel to work in a company.

“Before I graduated, I already got a job offer at Siemens Healthineers on the recommendation of my lecturer. Actually, I am not the first SGU student to get the offer, “said Fatiya Nabila, an alumnus of SGU Biomedical Engineering 2010.

Fatiya Nabila (Research and Development Officer PT KalGen DNA)

In the end, the students’ struggle to find their way at SGU paid off. Many of our students have succeeded in pursuing their dreams in various fields. Some of them have even occupied strategic positions in a multinational company or have become successful entrepreneurs.

“The study program at SGU for me is a complete package to prepare students to face the professional world with an international quality level. Educational materials and curriculum are adjusted to the current conditions of the professional world so that the lessons learned are the latest in knowledge, “said Firman Muhtadi Susena, an alumnus of Information Technology 2005.

Firman Muhtadi Susena (Department Head of Technical Compliance Solution at PT. Q2 Technologies).

The struggle has not stopped, there are still many SGU story sheets that have not been revealed. But at least, these alumni have made it through one fateful chapter to create an extraordinary life story. ***


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