Internships in the Hospitality Industry

Internships in the Hospitality Industry

Many types of hotels you can learn about their uniqueness

One of the most interesting things about the hospitality industry is that there are so many types of accommodation and experiences it offers. Each one is unique and has its own selling power. If in the future you are really interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality sector, it’s a good idea to start getting to know each other’s uniqueness. Each type of lodging has a different career path. Take it easy, you don’t need to quickly decide where you want a career, you can preview its experience while doing internships in the hospitality industry during your study period.

Boutique hotel 

Boutique hotels are hotels that are small, with a room capacity of not more than 100. Boutique hotel locations are usually in the city center. Although not a large and luxurious hotel, the main experience that a boutique hotel offers is its comfort. Rooms in boutique hotels are usually unique too, you can find interiors with trendy artwork, bands, music, or other unique amenities. Some examples in Indonesia are The Gunawarman Jakarta, Blackbird Bandung, Greenhost Yogyakarta; while some examples of international boutique hotels include Moxy by Mariott, Tryp by Wyndham, or Even by InterContinental.


This type of accommodation usually offers relaxation and recreation experiences. The main purpose of resort visitors is usually for a full rest, so the location is often far from the crowds. This resort is also accompanied by on-site vacation spots that are used by its guests. In other countries, there are usually many types of resorts such as summer resorts, winter resorts, golf resorts, or even jungle resorts. Popular examples in Indonesia include NIHI Sumba or Aman Resorts.

Chain Hotels

Unlike boutique hotels, this one usually offers luxury. Each room is uniformly designed, but guests can enjoy richer facilities such as an olympic size swimming pool, gym, tennis court, and so on. This is a hotel that we often encounter, with a hotel rating of one to five stars. You must know very well examples of hotel chains, namely Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, The Grand Hyatt, Hotels by Hilton, etc.


Glamorous camping or glamping has become a popular hotel type in the last decade. This is the answer to experience nature meets luxury, stay close to nature, but with the comfort of staying like a star hotel. Although glamping options are starting to be found in Indonesia, these are often found in areas that offer safari accommodation such as Africa. Some examples of glamping: Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp in Lombok, Sinya at Lone Man Creek in Texas, 1920s Cottar Safari Camp in Kenya

Each type of hotel is unique, meaning that the work experience you get will also be different according to the services provided to guests. To enrich your work experience, of course you can start learning it while doing an internship. It is not impossible, from here you can gain insight into the hospitality career that you want to pursue in a certain type of hotel. For those of you who actually have dreams of running a hotel business in the future, of course this is also an interesting opportunity because you can go directly to see various kinds of hotel operations up close.

Internships in the hospitality industry are usually very edifying, as there will be so much in-the-moment coaching and continuous feedback. You will actually dive into the hands-on experience. Internship experience in the hospitality industry will provide added value for you. The more experience you have in serving guests, the stronger candidates will be competing in the hospitality industry when you graduate.

Speaking of internships in the hospitality industry, every SGU Hotel & Tourism Management student will be required to take part in two internships: in Indonesia and abroad. In their first internship in Indonesia, students will usually enter the Room Division, such as Front Office or Housekeeping. In the second internship, they will usually be directed to take the Food and Beverage field, such as hot kitchens (a kitchen that supports the use of heat in cooking all sorts of ingredients, whether by boiling, steaming, frying, stir-frying, stewing or roasting, etc.), cold kitchens (a kitchen that supports cooking processes that do not require heat), or restaurant service. In the second internship, anyone who studies Hotel & Tourism Management at SGU can have the opportunity to do an internship in Switzerland for six months while continuing one semester at IMI Switzerland (two semesters in total). 

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