Sustainable Tourism: A Way to Protect the Environment

Sustainable Tourism: A Way to Protect the Environment

We love to travel, to visit new places, to meet different people … but have we ever stopped to think about all of the negative impacts that our travels can cause? The negative environmental impacts of tourism are substantial. They include the depletion of local natural resources as well as pollution and waste problems. Tourism often puts pressure on natural resources through over-consumption, often in places where resources are already scarce.

As the environmental impacts of tourism have gained increasing attention in recent years. People begin to pay more attention to sustainable tourism and an increased number of initiatives for being environmentally friendly, tourists and stakeholders alike are now recognizing the importance of environmental management in the tourism industry.

But, what is actually Sustainable Tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Sustainable tourism is the tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

Why is Sustainable Tourism important?

According to a 2019 report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism represents more than 10% of the global GDP, so it is an extremely important sector to boost the economy. However, what will tourism be like in the future if it is done in an unbridled way?

Creating sustainable practices in tourism industry is as important as creating sustainable habits in our day-to-day lives, at home, at work, or anywhere else. After all, when we talk about sustainability, we involve all living beings on the planet into the discussion.

Benefits of Sustainable Tourism:

Sustainable tourism not only has assist travelers but, also local communities. So, more and more are changing the way they see travels. This can create a positive impact on a country. Travelling shouldn’t be harmful and people finally understand this. Sustainable travel is all about showing that we care. Nowadays, the number of people travelling is increasing. If we don’t do it in a responsible way, how can we afford to continue to travel? Tourism can be good and have enormous potential. But, tourists have to be conscious of it.

Interested in having a role in Sustainable Tourism?

It’s time for you to start a sustainable tourism business. But first, you need to study the tourism management system in order to become successful in this industry. You can start your career in SGU and learn study Hotel & Tourism Management.

SGU offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management program with opportunities for students to study and complete their internship programs in Germany, Switzerland, or anywhere in the world. Our programs are carried out in English by experienced lecturers who have completed their studies and have lived / worked overseas. GU Hotel & Tourism Management offers accredited degrees with international exposure in Germany and Switzerland through our partner universities (Fachhochschule Südwestfalen and IMI Switzerland).

Speaking of internships, every SGU Hotel & Tourism Management student will be required to take part in two internships: in Indonesia and abroad. In their first internship in Indonesia, students will usually enter the Room Division, such as Front Office or Housekeeping. In the second internship, they will usually be directed to take the Food and Beverage field, such as hot kitchens (a kitchen that supports the use of heat in cooking all sorts of ingredients, whether by boiling, steaming, frying, stir-frying, stewing or roasting, etc.), cold kitchens (a kitchen that supports cooking processes that do not require heat), or restaurant service.

In the second internship, anyone who studies Hotel & Tourism Management at SGU can have the opportunity to do an internship in Europe such as Germany or Switzerland. Students taking an internship in Germany will be required to take a six month internship program, but if they choose to go to Switzerland, they will be required to do an internship for six months while continuing one semester at IMI Switzerland (two semesters in total). This is what characterizes SGU Hotel & Tourism Management, because you will definitely be exposed to the European Internship Experience and work with people who are experienced in their fields. However, students also have the freedom to take internships in other countries with good hospitality growth such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar (Doha), or Hong Kong.

SGU Hotel & Tourism Management graduates will earn a bachelor’s degree in management under the business administration faculty. Given that the world of hospitality and tourism is growing rapidly both in Indonesia and abroad, SGU graduates can get excellent career prospects in managerial level positions. They will have career opportunities to work in national and multinational organizations within the hospitality industry, such as accommodation, business in travel & tourism, and marketing events. In addition, graduates are also trained with professional business skills to operate within this industry as future supervisors, managers, and owners.

  • Professional Hotel Operators
  • Accommodation & Recreation Owners
  • Professional Conference Organizer / Event Organizer
  • Hotel & Tourism Consultant
  • Professional Laundry Business Owner
  • Cruise Staff

SGU Hotel & Tourism Management offers 3 curriculum:

  • Single Degree
  • Double Degree at Fachhochschule Südwestfalen at Germany
  • Double Degree at IMI Switzerland

Download our curriculum by clicking the button at the end of this article.

Interested in knowing more about studying Hotel & Tourism Management at SGU? Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our Eucation Consultant and find out more.

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