Advancing Education in Indonesia: SGU’s Productive Tridharma Implementation Through Research, Partnership, Alumni and Student Achievement

SGU is a university that truly embodies its Tridharma principles through the exceptional productivity of its faculty in conducting research, fostering collaborations with partners, high schools, and alumni. At SGU, the faculty members are dedicated to advancing their respective fields of study and making valuable contributions to the wider academic community. They are encouraged to pursue their research interests and ideas, leading to the creation of new knowledge that positively impacts society.

Moreover, SGU believes in the importance of partnerships and collaborations. By working with industry partners, high schools, and alumni, SGU creates opportunities for students and faculty to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. The university is committed to providing an enriching learning experience that prepares students to become global citizens and leaders in their fields.

All of these efforts have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the recognition SGU has received from EduRank. This acknowledgement is a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence in education and research. SGU’s dedication to its Tridharma principles and its focus on collaboration and innovation make it an exceptional institution that is transforming the landscape of higher education in Indonesia and beyond.

SGU Research

SGU’s commitment to research has led to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations in various fields. Our faculty members have been highly productive in their research activities, resulting in numerous exciting and impactful projects. For instance, one of our researchers has found a potential anticancer drug from Indonesian mangroves, which is a significant breakthrough in the fight against cancer. Another project focuses on preventing biodiesel oxidation, which is critical in the energy industry. SGU researchers have also created additives from antioxidant materials, which have potential applications in various fields, including the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Another notable project is the implementation of Honeyspot as a malware detection sensor. In collaboration with industry partners, SGU researchers have developed a powerful tool to detect and prevent cyber threats. The use of honeyspots has become increasingly relevant in the age of digitalization and the rising threat of cybercrime.

Furthermore, SGU researchers have also conducted studies on other critical areas, such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and environmental conservation. These projects reflect SGU’s commitment to creating a positive impact on society and the world at large.

SGU’s faculty members are encouraged to pursue their research interests, leading to the creation of new knowledge and breakthroughs that positively impact society. The university is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, which has led to numerous exciting research projects and partnerships with industry leaders.

Overall, SGU’s dedication to research excellence and innovation is reflected in the diverse and impactful projects undertaken by our faculty members. These projects have the potential to change lives and transform industries, and we are proud of our researchers’ contributions to the wider academic community.

Achievement of Lecturers

SGU is proud to have a team of highly accomplished and dedicated faculty members who have made significant contributions in various fields. Their achievements are a testament to SGU’s commitment to excellence in education and research.

Mr Tabligh Permana, a lecturer from the Faculty of Life Science & Technology, is one such faculty member who has made valuable contributions in driving the local economy. His research and work have had a significant impact on the local community and have contributed to the overall development of the region.

Another faculty member who has made notable achievements is Kholis Abdurachim Audah, M.Sc, Ph.D, who now officially holds the position as the Chairman of the Council of Advisors for Bioinformatics and Biodiversity Community in Indonesia for the 2023-2024 term. His expertise in this field has led to numerous research projects and collaborations, contributing to the advancement of bioinformatics and biodiversity studies in Indonesia.

Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro, M.Sc., IPU, is another faculty member who has been recognized for his proficiency as a professional mechanical engineer. He earned a certificate from PII (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia) recognizing his expertise and contributions in this field.

These accomplishments are just a few examples of the numerous achievements of SGU’s faculty members. Their dedication to their respective fields has resulted in significant contributions to society and the wider academic community. SGU is proud to have such talented individuals as part of its faculty, and we look forward to their continued contributions to the academic world.

Achievement of Students and Alumni

The success of SGU is not only attributed to the excellence of its academic programs but also to the remarkable achievements of its students and alumni. From winning prestigious scholarships to being recognized for outstanding academic and professional accomplishments, SGU students and alumni have undoubtedly demonstrated their commitment to excellence.

Take, for instance, Oslo Edrick Alvaro, a Food Technology student who received a scholarship for his education journey in Japan in 2019. His success is a testament to SGU’s commitment to providing its students with exceptional educational opportunities.

Likewise, Andrew Richmond Thezo, a Business Management student, was selected as one of the 10 Best Mentees out of 1,000 mentees in Digistar Class, a mentoring program by Telkom Indonesia for two months in 2020. His achievement highlights the quality of education and support that SGU provides to its students, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields.

Furthermore, Janet Salim, an Information Technology student, won the first place in the German Essay Competition, which is an impressive feat that reflects the high standards of academic excellence at SGU.

These are just a few examples of the numerous successes that SGU students and alumni have achieved. Their achievements are a testament to the quality of education and the level of support that SGU provides to its students. As such, SGU continues to be a leading institution in providing world-class education and preparing students to become successful professionals in their respective fields.

SGU’s Partners

The achievements of SGU’s faculty members are not only the result of their hard work and dedication but also the support of the institution’s industrial partners and partner universities. SGU has forged strong partnerships with some of the most reputable companies and institutions worldwide, such as Siemens Indonesia, Re.juve, and Metro TV, among others. These partnerships have provided SGU with access to cutting-edge technology and valuable insights from industry leaders, enabling the institution to develop world-class academic programs that meet the needs of the industry.

Moreover, SGU’s collaborations with world-class universities have enabled the institution to offer its students international exposure and opportunities for academic and cultural exchange. These partner universities include the International Management Institute (IMI) in Switzerland, Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen in Germany, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen in Germany, University of Applied Sciences Jena in Germany, SolBridge International School of Business in South Korea, Hokkaido University in Japan, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the United States. By partnering with these institutions, SGU has been able to expand its network of academic resources, exchange ideas and best practices, and offer its students unparalleled educational opportunities.

SGU’s partnerships with local schools have also been instrumental in the institution’s success. These schools have provided SGU with a pipeline of talented students who are passionate about pursuing higher education and developing the skills needed to thrive in today’s global economy. As such, SGU continues to be a leading institution in Indonesia, providing world-class education and preparing students for success in their chosen fields.

SGU’s commitment to academic excellence, industry relevance, and global competitiveness has garnered widespread recognition and accolades, including being ranked as the top private university in Indonesia by, This recognition is a testament to SGU’s dedication to providing its students with the highest quality of education and the tools they need to succeed in their respective fields. ranking system evaluates universities based on various criteria, including academic reputation, student satisfaction, research excellence, and industry collaboration. SGU’s consistent performance in all these areas has resulted in its recognition as the top private university in Indonesia.

SGU’s success is built on a foundation of strong academic programs that are designed to meet the needs of the industry and the demands of the global marketplace. The institution’s partnerships with leading companies and universities worldwide have enabled it to stay at the forefront of innovation and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Furthermore, SGU’s commitment to providing students with hands-on, practical experience has helped them develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers. The institution’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology, coupled with the expertise of its faculty members, have enabled SGU students to excel in various fields and achieve remarkable success.

In conclusion, SGU’s recognition as the top private university in Indonesia is a testament to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, industry relevance, and global competitiveness. As the institution continues to expand its reach and impact, it is poised to shape the future of education and lead the way in preparing students for success.