Our Vision & Mission


To be a globally recognized university, having integrity, a superior learning culture and high social responsibility


  1. To carry out educational and teaching activities with a superior learning culture and integrity
  2. To carry out globally recognized research activities
  3. To carry out community service activities as a form of social responsibility for the community


  1. Integrity
    We honor the truth, honesty and ethical behavior as demonstrated by the congruence in words, action and noble moral principles.
  2. Professionalism
    We endeavor to achieve the appropriate target with expertise and knowledge of high quality as well as adhering to a high ethical standards of behavior.
  3. Discipline
    We commit to consistently safe guard and uphold the guidance and applied regulation as well as to exercise self control.
  4. Innovation
    We foster novel ideas to improve quality and sustainable growth of the university in order to invent better future of the nation.
  5. Excellence
    We strive to deliver results of highest quality by performing continuous improvement.
  6. Loyalty
    We are determined to carry out University’s vision and mission as our dedication to nation and country.
  7. Social Care
    We commit to care for the community and environment by implementing the Tridharma activities.