Announcement to New Students


Ref: L/Rec/A0032/VII/21 – WiV

Dear SGU New Student Batch 2021,

It is an honour for us to welcome you to become the great family member of Swiss German University. We share your excitement in exploring new field of study, finding new friends, and broaden your horizon to prepare for your future.

In Academic Year 2021/2022, Swiss German University will conduct the academic operation as follow:

  1. Indonesian Independence Ceremony, August 17th 2021, is mandatory to all students to attend. Link to the online flag ceremony will be informed in due time.
  2. Orientation Week, 24-27 August 2021, will be done online. The detailed activities and arrangement will be informed separately.
  3. Class for Odd Semester begin on August 30th, 2021, using online learning method through SGU Google Workspace for Education, until December 10th, 2021.
  4. Laboratory, workshop, and practical activity will be conducted mainly online. Off-line (faceto-face) activity will be limited and is reserved to start earliest on October 20th, 2021, subject to government regulation and observable development of pandemic situation. Health protocol will be strictly implied when off-line activity is conducted.
  5. Final Exam will be done online through SGU Google Workspace for Education 3-14 January, 2022.
  6. Even Semester will begin on February 28th, 2022. The information related to mode of operation (online and/ or hybrid learning) will be announced in due time.

Please consult official Academic Calendar posted on SGU website or your Faculty Administrator.

I wish you a healthy, pleasant and fruitful journey with Swiss German University.

Kind regards,

Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso Rector