BRI Digital Banking Innovation

BRI Digital Banking Innovation

Friday, 19 October 2018, Business Administration study program of Swiss German University brought its 37 students to an excursion to Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). As one of the oldest banks in Indonesia, currently BRI also participates in digital transformation in every banking activity as a form of disruption technology. As said by Abdul Wahid Wijaya, BRI’s Corporate Culture Group Head, in his remarks that 80% of BRI employees today are millennials under 35 years of age. Therefore, BRI must also make an adjustment not only from banking activities, but also from the work culture. However, according to William Gozali, BRI’s Head of Digital Strategy, to change the work culture that already exists in a company from conventional to digital requires at least 7 years.

One effort that has been and is being carried out by BRI in order to make changes in terms of work culture is to make changes to the work environment. Bank employees who have always used formal wear every working day, are now allowed to wear casual clothes on Wednesday and Friday. In addition, several workspaces have also been changed to be more relaxed by presenting a more colorful and playful space to maintain employee comfort.

During the visit, SGU students obtained more knowledge about banking and finance in Indonesia. Hopefully, this excursion will enrich SGU students with new knowledge especially in the current digital era.

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