Embark on a journey of recognition and advancement with our innovative Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program tailored specifically for the Hotel and Tourism Management Study Program. At SGU, we understand the wealth of knowledge and experience you bring to the table, and we’re committed to honoring and harnessing it to propel you toward your academic and professional goals.

Subjects Learned at SGU-RPL Hotel Program

  • The foundation of Business Management, including Analytical & Creative Thinking, ICT for Business, and Business Communication
  • The foundation of Hospitality excellences, including Consumer Behavior and Organizational Behavior
  • The foundation of Hospitality & Tourism Management.
  • Leadership, Innovation and Strategy in Hospitality Business, including Feasibility Study dan Business Creation

The Advantages of Joining SGU-RPL Hotel Program

  • Flexibility for working professionals: Hybrid Class 80% online and 20% on-site at SGU Campus. This grants you a heightened level of accessibility
  • Save time and save budget: Beyond budget and funds, time is without a doubt a priceless resource. RPL allows you to save both time and money.

By achieving courses obtained through academic equivalency of work experience and/or certified training, students can speed up their graduation time compared to other students who take the regular route. As an illustration, the following table provides examples of cases of course achievements that can shorten the study period:

RPL Recognition Category Illustration

NamaLast EducationJob LevelGroup CategoryDuration of StudyRemarks
Mr. Bob, 50 YOSMU/SMKHotel GM for more then 10 yearsGroup-C3 SemesterBased on his/her portfolio assessment with highly recognition on his/her duty as Hotel GM
Mr. Joe, 32 YOSMU/SMKHotel AFOM for more then 3-5 yearsGroup-A5 SemesterBased on his/her portfolio assessment with highly recognition on his/her duty as Hotel AFOM
  • Installment education payment: Installment-based education payment designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Project-based: Explore ways to finish your study in an intellectually stimulating method – by creating a project.
  • Opportunity for senior professionals to teach: With the RPL program, senior professionals will have the opportunity of sharing their knowledge.
  • Study loans are available in affordable installments: Study loans will be provided at an affordable rate, providing you with accessible and precious education.


To register for the SGU RPL program, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Registration can come directly to Swiss German University Admissions or fill the form below.
  2. Provide a recent formal photograph.
  3. Scanned copy of identity card (KTP/Passport).
  4. Scanned copy of Birth Certificate.
  5. Scanned copy of diploma and National Examination Results Certificate (only for high school/vocational school graduates).
  6. Have work/business/business experience of at least 3 years*
  7. Certificate of Employment.
  8. Documentation of work results/project appointment letter.

*counted since graduating from high school

Tuition Fee

To provide a clear image, the following table displays the examples of tuition fee reductions that can be obtained through the RPL program:

Total AmountBeasiswaRemarks
Development FeeRp20.000.000n/aInstallment 5 Mio/month for 4 months
Regular Tuition Fee/SemesterRp20.000.000Rp5.000.000a. Tuition fee become 15 Mio/semester
---b. Installment 3 Mio/month for 15 months
---c. The scholarship open for RPL new intake student

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