Conference on Innovation Technology by Bachelor of Information Technology

Conference on Innovation Technology by Bachelor of Information Technology

On Saturday 8 December, 2018 The Information Technology Department held an event titled “Conference on Innovation Technology” at Swiss German University Campus, Alam Sutera, Tangerang. Our 5th and 7th semester IT students held an exhibition to show their projects to many people. This event was also held in parallel with a “Meet the Lecturers” event.

The Bachelor of Information Technology Conference was conducted from 9 am to 1 pm, showing 9 projects of IoT (Internet of Things) Project and Technopreneurship from 5th semester students and Gaming Project Using Unity from 7th semester students. Each project was presented by the students in front of the expo audience and the audience voted for their favorite group at the end of the expo. Below is a list of the student projects: numbers 1 – 4 are IoT (Internet of Things) Project and Technopreneurship projects in the 5th semester, while the rest is Gaming Project Using Unity in the 7th semester.

No Student Name Project Name Description
1. Claudio Michael Louis 

Joseph Andreas


ARCus File Sharing Application for various devices (developed for Android and Windows PC). Specially designed for meetings where data or file sharing is needed to be more efficient in discussions.
2. George William 

Ahmad Windardi Aliyaziz

Arvan Halim

Beacons Of Campus Tools that use BT 4.0 devices are used by students to remark their attendance.
3. Ivan Arnoldi Rahardja 

Reischaga Mohajit

Victor Saputra

Foodemia Online application to order food in the canteen of the office.
4. Leonardo Theoson 

Veronica Natashia

Reynaldi Ramadhana

Hydro Flow Hydroponic devices that use the IoT system to monitor status and data system online.
5. Indra Swarna 


The Smart Mirror Mirror that can function as an advertising tool. Under the mirror there is a video advertisement that is played when it is detected that there is a person in front of the mirror.
6. Eunico Cornelius 

Rifqi Ryandika Luthfiardi

Timotius Eka Valentino

Timothy Aditya Sutantyo

Flimsylimpics A game that aims to make players struggle to survive as long as possible in the arena. Two players are needed, one to control the defensive characters, and one that plays environmental effects so that the characters don’t last long.
7. Danny Gani 

Gianino Masasi

Evan Tirta Wahyudi

Muhammad Febriansyah

Guess or Punch Players must guess the words that have been randomly selected. If the player guesses wrong, his character will be hit by the computer character. Conversely, if he guesses correctly, his character will hit the character of the computer.
8. Yulius Wibisono 

Maria Renya Mayastuti

Marchelno Leeson

Nastassja Michelle

Love Love Labyrinth A game that aims to unite two characters in control at one point. But the two characters will move opposite. This puzzle game will sharpen the brain to find creative solutions.
9. Wilbert Adiputra 

Timothy Dicky

Geraldi Tanis

Muara This is a story about a girl named Anisa who wants to find her brother. But she must overcome various obstacles. Anisa is assisted by a fairy to reach her destination.

The First winner of BIT Conference for 5th Semester Student was awarded to “Hydro Flow”, which consists of 3 students, who are Leonardo Theoson, Veronica Natashia, and Reynaldi Ramadhana. The winner for Gaming Project Using Unity was awarded to the game “Love Love Labyrinth”, which consists of Yulius Wibisono, Maria Renya Mayastuti, Marchelno Leeson, and Nastassja Michelle. The overall favorite team based on the votes was awarded to “Muara”, which consists of Wilbert Adiputra, Timothy Dicky, and Geraldi Tanis. All the winners were awarded with a certificate from the head of IT study program and a prize of MAP Vouchers.

Parents showed their excitement during the conference and the exhibition. They also asked some questions and challenged the teams to improve their projects. They also gave some encouragement to students to create more projects, because this could help many people. Students also enjoyed their interaction in the exhibition and during the presentation session. Our event was held in parallel with “Meet the Lecturers” event, so some new students and parents also came to our BIT conference to enjoy the exhibition and had a conversation with our lecturers.

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