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November 24, 2020


November 28, 2020

Social Media Week is an annual event that was established in 2013 as a way for Communication and Public Relations students to demonstrate what they have learned during their studies in Swiss German University. For six years, Social Media Week were conducted solely by the Department of Global Strategic Communication (previously known as the Department of Communication and Public Relations), but this year we are collaborating with the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management to provide a new learning experience to the community and society. This year Social Media Week 2020 has to be conducted online due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Although this year’s Social Media Week is held with different concepts, it does not pose a threat to the event. In fact, it is an opportunity for us to widen the scope of the audience due to the ease of access simply through one’s gadget and Internet connection.

The theme for Social Media Week 2020 is “CLICK TO DISCOVER: Infinite possibilities”. In the present time, we see many people post pictures and stories about their travel experiences in social media causing a lot of tourism destinations instantly went viral due to the high exposure they gain through social media. As a result, not only it helps the country’s economic condition, but it also improves the economic benefits of local residents. At the same time, the current pandemic has suddenly forced people from travelling and it has severely impacted the tourism industry. Hence, our main purpose is to educate young people on how to use social media to their maximum potentials so that they can be beneficial for the tourism industry.
Alongside the concept and theme of this year’s Social Media Week, we have decided to choose the target audience to be mainly high school students between the age of 16-19 with a strong competitive spirit, creativity, and critical way of thinking. The targeted high school students are the people who are well informed of the current news, love to travel or are aspired to be travellers, and are interested in the culinary world. Moreover, the young teenagers are undeniably active users of social media and we strongly believe that they have the most impact for the tourism industry’s future.

This event has the following objectives:
● At least 5 groups in the Essay competition.
● At least 25 participants in the Tik-Tok competition.
● At least 50 participants in the webinar.
● At least 30 participants in the cooking demo.
● Social media exposure: 1500 likes (all in), 20 hashtags about the event (in Tiktok and Instagram), gain 15 followers on IG.
In the third week of November 2020, we will conduct SMW 2020 and we choose the theme ‘CLICK TO DISCOVER: Infinite Possibilities’ because we understand that social media have impacts on tourism industry and can help to assist the industry to survive in this pandemic era. For this reason, we would like to invite young people to participate in this event to use social media as a way of promoting local destinations and also to help them overcoming their longing of travelling. Therefore, the details of the program are as follows:
A. App Launch
Theme : HUG – The Mental Health App for Young People.
Target Audience : High school students, SGU staff and lecturers, general public.
Venue : ZOOM Meeting.
Date : 24 November 2020
Activity : Launching of a mental health app developed by three students from the Department of Global Strategic Communication. This app has won a silver medal  and was selected as one of best presenters in the last Young Scientist International Competition 2020 held by Universitas Brawijaya. The launching of this app will be followed by a discussion on the potentials of social media in assisting young people to maintain good mental health and will mark the official opening of Social Media Week 2020. This event will be moderated by Loina L.K. Perangin-angin, M.Si.
B. Competition 1
Theme: Essay on social media plan to recover tourism businesses that are having a downfall during this pandemic.
Target Audience: High School Students (1 group consists of 3 people).
Venue: ZOOM Meeting.
Registration date: 19 October – 9 November 2020.
Submission Date: 9 November – 20 November 2020.
Winner announcement: 28 November 2020.
Activity: Each group submits an essay of 2,000 words explaining their ideas on social media plans that tourism businesses can apply to survive during this pandemic. The essay has to be written in English.
Prizes (if any) : SGU scholarship for 6 students (3 students/ 1st winners at 50% and 3 students/ 2nd winners at 25%), e-certificates (all participants and winners), and cash of Rp. 1,500,000.00 (1st winners only).
Judges: Lecturers from the Faculty of Business and Communication
o Muninggar Sri Saraswati, Ph.D.
o Robert La Are SST. Par., M. Par.
o Sharon Schumacher, M.A.
C. Competition 2
Theme: Tourism and Culinary Through Tik Tok.
Target Audience: High-school students.
Venue : Instagram and Tik Tok Application
Submission date: 1 November – 20 November 2020
Winner announcement: 28 November 2020
Activity: Participants are required to make a 15-60 second Tik Tok video on travelling. Due to the current travel restrictions, participants are allowed to express their creativity with limited resources and without the need to be physically located in the travel destination. They are encouraged to talk about their experiences, research, fun facts, tourism or bucket list of the attractions. Videos can be made in both English or Bahasa Indonesia. The Tik-Tok videos will be judged by the BoDs who are Dennis Hopper Zhang, Nur Malika Maghfirah, and Viorenita Senjaya. The judges will choose the winner based on the number of likes on the videos.
Prizes : Gopay vouchers Rp. 200.000 (1st winner), Rp.150.000 (2nd winner), Rp.75.000 (3rd winner)
D. Workshop
Theme : Authentic Indonesian Food
Target Audience: High school students, university students, and the general public.
Venue : Instagram LIVE
Time : 27 November 2020, 10:00 – 11:30
Activity : There will be a cooking demonstration by Chef Rano Abryanto (Lecturer of Hotel and Tourism Management). Chef Rano will cook traditional Indonesian dishes and he will show the step-by-step procedures in making the dishes. The dishes are inspired by one of the most memorable travel experiences that the Chef has.
E. Webinar
Theme : How to Use Social Media to Promote Tourism and Tourism Businesses – Challenges and Opportunities
Target Audience: High School Students and University Students
Venue : ZOOM Meeting
Time : 28 November 2020, 10:00 -11:30
Activity : A panel discussion moderated by Dr. phil. Deborah N. Simorangkir (the Head of the Department of Global Strategic Communication) that will discuss the roles of social media and the Internet in promoting tourism and assisting tourism businesses in surviving, particularly in this difficult time of the global pandemic. Discussion will focus on the opportunities and challenges that social media and the Internet bring to the tourism industry, while learning from speakers who are practitioners in the field on their experiences using their knowledge and creativity to maximise the potentials of these technologies in supporting their business or tourism activities. The webinar will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

Speakers :
• Desideria C.W. Murti, Ph.D. (academia in Tourism and Communication, Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta).
• Gilang A. Fauzi, S.S., MDS. (CEO Travelxism),
• Marischka Prudence (travel blogger) – to be confirmed.

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