SGU committed to achieving high performance and implementing a excellent learning culture experience by collaborating with all stakeholders. We believe that working together with our partner universities, senior high schools, alumni, government, and other relevant stakeholders is key to success in achieving our goals.

Our partnerships with universities and high schools allow us to exchange knowledge and expertise, develop joint research projects, and offer exchange programs for students and faculty. This collaborative effort ensures that we are constantly improving our programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of our students and the industry.

We also maintain a strong relationship with our alumni, who serve as our ambassadors and contribute to our mission by sharing their experiences and knowledge with current students. Through regular alumni events and networking opportunities, we encourage our graduates to stay connected with SGU and help us to continuously improve our programs and services.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of engaging with government and other relevant stakeholders to promote higher education and improve the quality of learning in Indonesia. By collaborating with these stakeholders, we can identify opportunities for improvement and work towards addressing challenges in the education sector.

Therefore, SGU named as the top private university in Indonesia by This achievement is a testament to SGU’s unwavering focus on providing a excellent learning culture and an exceptional educational experience for all students.

One of the key factors that contributed to SGU’s success is the university’s faculty, who have made significant contributions to the field of computer science and AI. Through their research and publications, SGU’s professors have helped to advance the state of these important fields and their expertise has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

In addition to its accomplished faculty, SGU has a thriving student body that is actively engaged in both academic and non-academic activities. Many of SGU’s students have been recognized for their outstanding achievements both during their time at the university and after graduation. SGU alumni are known for their high level of success in their chosen fields and the university is proud to have played a role in their development.

SGU’s success is also due in part to its partnerships with industry parthners as well as its relationships with local schools. Through these partnerships, SGU is able to offer its students unique opportunities for hands-on learning and practical experience in their fields of study.

Overall, SGU’s top ranking in latest assessment reflects the university’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation. SGU continues to be a leader in the Indonesian higher education landscape, and its focus on providing a excellent learning culture and exceptional educational experience will ensure its continued success in the years to come.