Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

CEM Seminar is aimed for the capacity building to train the candidate of energy manager and to transfer the knowledge about energy conservation according to the standardized curriculum and modules that are intended for the training and competency test of the energy manager. The modules of the seminar cover the current issues and regulation on energy conservation, the principle of energy conservation, energy conservation technology, energy management, energy audit, planning and implementation of energy conservation, and monitoring and energy management. The Seminar will be in the form of training and delivering the curriculums and modules within 4 days include a practical session, group work and discussion, and evaluation

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Training provides a strong basis for an energy management system for your companies. The requirements for an Energy Management System (EnMS) help you to enable the organization to develop and implement a policy, identify significant areas of energy consumption and target energy consumption reductions. ISO 50001 is suitable for any organization irrespective of size, sector or geographical location. It is particularly relevant for those who operate in an energy-intensive industry or the one facing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission legislation. SGU and Tuev Nord conduct ISO 50001 training within 3 days and 1 day practical of modules.