Guest Lecture for Bachelor of Information Technology: “What is Scrum?”

Guest Lecture for Bachelor of Information Technology: “What is Scrum?”

The development of IT in every aspect has been very fast. IT has also changed and influenced many areas of our life, if not all. The fast development of IT requires many tools and methods to be used in developing applications. One of them is the Software Development Life Cycle method, which has since evolved to cater for the requirements of application development.

On 26 April 2019, SGU’s Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) held a guest lecture entitled Trends in Developing Applications: “What is Scrum?”  The Bachelor of Information Technology department invited an expert in software and application development, Mr. Akbar Azwir, MM, PMP, PMI-SP, PSM I, PMO-CP, CISSP, to be the speaker during the guest lecture that was attended by the fourth and eight semester BIT students as well as prospective students.

Scrum is one of the software development methods widely used nowadays. Mr. Akbar shared about the importance of Scrum and how it works. “Scrum is agile, meaning that it is adaptive to changes. The requirement of software that will be developed is not determined thoroughly from the beginning, but it is developing in line with the software development”, said Mr. Akbar.

We hope that through this activity SGU students could have broader insight and knowledge on the methods used in the software industry.

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