Happy National Education Day Indonesia!

Today, we commemorate the importance of education in building a better future for our country. As an international university, SGU has made significant contributions to education in Indonesia through its distinguished faculty members who have excelled in various fields.

Our faculty members have made remarkable breakthroughs in research and innovation. For instance, our researchers have explored the potential benefits of butterfly pea flowers, also known as bunga telang, and have discovered new drugs from natural resources such as mangroves. Additionally, some of our faculty members have contributed to the growth of local economies by obtaining public positions and working to create positive change.

Furthermore, SGU has also produced graduates who have made their mark internationally. Our alumni have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, researchers, and leaders in their respective fields.

On this National Education Day, let’s celebrate the collective efforts of all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure that education continues to be a cornerstone of our nation’s progress. SGU remains committed to fostering a culture of excellence in education and research, and we look forward to continuing to make meaningful contributions to the field of education in Indonesia and beyond.