IBEF 2017, Improving Local Wisdom Through the Young Generation

IBEF 2017, Improving Local Wisdom Through the Young Generation

International Business Entrepreneurship Festival (IBEF 2017) is the 7th activity of Entrepreneurship exhibition, organized by the Student Business Association and International Business Administration Program Study of Swiss German University on December 7 to 9, 2017. This year, IBEF 2017 took  place at Piazza Hall, Gandaria City Mal Jakarta and was participated by 8 new starttup local brands. This event was a form of responsibility and concern to develop entrepreneurship in Indonesia, which is based on the condition that entrepreneurs in this country, are still limited.

IBEF 2017 picked a theme “Local Wisdom for the Entrepreneurship”. The reason behind the theme was there is still much local wisdom potential that has not been raised and developed. Other than that, it was also because they see people nowadays are starting to get back to love local trends. This year, IBEF had 3 companies that supported this event which were PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur, PT. Taspen, and Bank BRI.

Supporters of IBEF 2017

The participants of IBEF 2017 were students of semester 5 of Business Administration Department and Accounting Department. They produced 8 new startup local brands, ideas which they had developed since semester 3, namely Biru Apparel, Ethos, Jars, Myth, Pocket Space, Kataku, Guanabana, and DAS. All the brands used Songket fabric as their business materials. (As young entrepreneurs, it is important to be able to create innovative product from existing resources.) So what they did for their business was to  produce useful stuff such as bags, clutch bags, T-Shirts, jackets, shirts, hoodies, flip-flops, passport cases, and so on.

Before the exhibition at Gandaria City, IBEF was held in Swiss German University on November 16, 2017. In this phase, the 8 groups had to  have a business plan to be presented to the judges. Actually, they  made their business plans from semester 4. Other than that, the 8 groups also had to create their mini booths to be shown to the judges.


Business Talkshow

The IBEF product exhibition was opened on December 7, 2017 by Head of Business Administration Study Program – Fiter Abadi, BA., MBA, followed by a speech from Rector of Swiss German University – Dr.rer.nat Filiana Santoso, and a speech from President IBEF 2017 – Saskya Citrananda. The event lasted for 3 days and not only consisted of product exhibition but also a business talkshow by Tokio Marine Indonesia, Gratiser Apps, The Watch Co., Allura Design, Action Coach Indonesia, Excellent Business Group, Badass Monkey, Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, Lokadok, and Pinpin Bachtiar. Moreover, there were also some campaigns on stage done by each startup business, music performances, and awards night. There were  categories for awards night, such as Best Creative Booth, Best CEO, Business Idea Competition, and Business Plan Competition.  Best Creative Booth was won by Kataku, Best CEO was won by Nickalis Ramadhan from Biru Apparel, Business Idea Competition won by Springfield Curriculum Jakarta as the 1st winner, SMAK 4 Penabur Jakarta as the 2nd, and Global Prestasi as the 3rd winner. The last, Business Plan Competition was won by Kataku as the 1st winner with Biru Apparel as the 2nd winner, and  ETHOS as the 3rd winner. This year, IBEF invited Kunto Aji to entertain all visitors on last day of exhibition.

IBEF Winners

Kunto Aji Performance at IBEF 2017