International Curriculum

The international curriculum in higher education at Swiss German University has developed rapidly in the past few decades. For each student who has chosen a major, students will begin the process of learning 2 curricula at a time.

Students will complete learning with the Indonesian credit system, students will also finish learning with the European credit system. Where this curriculum is also used in all universities in Europe in collaboration with SGU.

We Provide Values ​​for Embracing International Students

Being an international student at SGU, you can contribute to rescue and internationalization in the campus environment. By having an international curriculum, SGU invites students to learn to see things from a different perspective. The International curriculum influences students in contributing to academic prestige and cultural exchange.

Open Horizon

SGU is a place for students who have insights with greater complexity and consider various cultural perspectives.

Interpersonal Development

SGU provides learning to students about how to focus on developing self-values ​​that will form extraordinary personalities. The International curriculum provided by SGU helps students to achieve their goals in life. Students will have a strong awareness of their environment, personal values, great personal characteristics, and a unique and strong self-identity.