IT Student Expo – Human Computer Interaction and Mobile Application Project

IT Student Expo – Human Computer Interaction and Mobile Application Project

On Saturday, 28 November 2015, The Information Technology Department held an event titled “Information Technology Student Expo” at SGU Campus, BSD City Tangerang. This event was held in order to exhibit all projects of 5th and 7th semester IT students to other students, prospective SGU students and parents of the students. This event was also held in parallel with the IT Parents Meeting.


One of the Groups present their project (Bernhart in Sayamaya Group)

The IT Expo was conducted in SGU's main lobby from 9 am to 2 pm, showing 6 Final Project's of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) subject in 5th semester. All HCI projects use sensors to be applied in a computer system. Furthermore, 5 Final Projects of Mobile Application Programming subject in 7th semester were also exhibited. Each project was presented by the students in front of the Expo Audience. At the end of the IT expo, the audience voted for their favorite project. Below is a list of the student projects: no 1 – 6 are HCI projects in 5th semester while the rest are Mobile Apps Projects in 7th semester.


Student Name

Project Name



Rangga Bayu Triachyani, Reggy Aldinov, Paksi Mega Bumi, Raden Mochamad Ananda Sufyan Kurniawan

e-Kann Ph Sensor

Used to detect Ph of water in a catfish pond using a Ph Sensor and Adruino to make maintenance easier.


Hansen Chitrahadi, Kevin Hobert, Rinkel Hananto


Used to track the eye’s gaze using an Eyetribe sensor tool in a website. The purpose is to determine consumer point of interest in a web page.


Christian, Christiandi, Gregorius Aldo Radityatama, Jeffry Hirawan


Used in wedding ceremonies to record guest data using a RFID card and QR code instead of a guest book. The card can also be used in a food booth by tapping it.


Mochammad Athariq Kanz Hutama, Juan Raymond, Kevin Kurniawan, Joshua Giovanni


Used to show reviews from people about a certain restaurant using an Augmented Reality Fuvoria engine.


Tommy Winarta, Jason Yapri, Stefanus Oliver

Facial Expression Detection

Used to detect the expression on people’s faces by using a Real Sense depth camera and can be used as a preliminary measurement of customer satisfaction levels during conversation with customer service of a company,


Arief Budiman, Devara Tertia, Evan Manuel Perdamean Situmorang

Door Notification

Used to notify people whether a door is open or closed on their mobile phone using a Magnetic Sensor and the Raspberry Pi server.


Panjinagara Vandy Firstama, Kris Ivan Santosa, Wisely Liu Dennis

Get Ingredients

A Mobile App to show receipts and ingredients. The user can also buy their missing ingredients before cooking.


Rasyid Naif Dahbul, Edward, Arega Nazar


A Mobile App to find a ‘Nobar’ (Watch together) place for football matches based on the teams that people support. It also shows a Google Map for directions from their current position.


Louis Christy Lukito, Khosyi Yoga Pratama, Daniel Gerald Setiawan

Serve It

A Mobile App to match people who need a service with the people who provide the service. It can be used any service, such as car-wash, house-cleaning, website design, etc.


Bernhart Farras Sukandar, Rangga Nehemia, Hanif Dharma Sulistiowardana


A Mobile App as platform to exchange business cards among users. Similar to an online-based phonebook,and users can also post on social media.


Reynaldi, Kevin Andika Lukita, Irfan Husein Al-Darodjat


A Mobile App providing a profile webpage for tutors/teachers. This profile can be used to advertise teaching/tutoring services to students who need help in a  certain subject.


Guests try out the e-Kann Ph Sensor

The favorite student project based on the audience vote was the SAYAMAYA group (7th semester students) in which [description of Sayamaya]. Team members of Sayamaya were Bernhart Farras Sukandar, Rangga Nehemia, Hanif Dharma. Furthermore, a prize was awarded to the best HCI Student project to the Facial Expression Detection group, which consisted of 3 students: Tommy Winarta, Jason Yapri, Stefanus Oliver (5th semester students), while the best Mobil App Project award went to the Serve It group, which consisted of Louis Lukito, Khosyi Yoga and Daniel Gerald (7th semester students). The winners were awarded Certificates from the Head of the IT study program and a prize of a MAP Voucher.

In addition to these awards, the IT study program also gave prizes for a writing competition to IT students. The competition’s purpose was to encourage students to write popular articles related to IT Technology. The article had to be in Bahasa Indonesia in order to broaden the the knowledge of readers in Indonesia. The 1st winner was Louis Christy Lukito, 7th semester student, with the title: SHopee, Media Sosial Khusus untuk Jual Beli Online. The 2nd winner went to Danny Gani, 1st semester student, with the article title: Aplikasi Musik? Clementine 1.2. The 3rd winner was Gregorius Aldo Radityatama, 5th semester student, with the title: eNvite: Sistem yang Menguntungkan Event Organizer. All winners recieved Certificates from the Head of the IT study program and MAP Vouchers.

IT 4

Facial Expression Detection as Best Project in Human Computer Interaction Project

IT 3

Serve It as Best Project in Mobile Application Programming