Dr.-Ing Diah Indriani Widiputri, ST., MSc

Dr.-Ing Diah Indriani Widiputri, ST., MSc

Head of Chemical Engineering



Dr.-Ing. Diah Indriani Widiputri earned her Doctoral Degree in Process Engineering from Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. She finished her Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering in Institut Teknologi Bandung and earned a Master Degree in Process Engineering from Technical University Berlin, Germany. Currently, she serves as the Deputy Head and a Lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Department, Swiss German University (SGU), Tangerang. Her main research area is currently the process development for the utilization of natural products in herbal medicines.


  • Head of Chemical Engineering Department November 2022 – Present (Swiss German Univertsity)
  • Deputy Head of Chemical Engineering Department August 2015 – November 2022(Swiss German Univertsity)
  • Technische Universität Berlin Research Assistant Department of Process and Plant Technology, Plant and Process Safety May 2007 – March 2010 Research Area: Human Factors in Process Safety Supervising different themes of master and bachelor thesis in the field of human factors in the process industry

Education Background

  1. Doctoral Degree Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
    • Faculty of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering Jan 2008 – June 2011
    • Research area: Human Factors in the Process Industry
    • Dissertation: Incorporating Human Factors into Process Plant Lifecycle: HF during Design and Operation of a Process Plant
  2. Master’s Degree Technische Universität Berlin Process, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE)
    • Faculty of Process Sciences Oct 2004 – June 2007
    • Master Thesis : Development of a Computer-Based Method to Determine the Most Influencing Factors on Human Performance in Process Industry
  3. Bachelor of Engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung Chemical Engineering Department
    • Bachelor Thesis : Characterization of Single Bubbles in Vertical Column

Knowledge Field

  • Chemical engineering
  • Process and plant safety
  • Human factors in chemical plant safety

Research Interest:

Process development and intensification for the utilization of natural products in herbal medicines.

Teaching Area:

  • Chemical engineering principles
  • Equipment and plant design
  • Process safety


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  14. Löwe, K., Widiputri, D.I., Considering Human Factors in Alarm Management System, Proceedings of the 8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, September 25 – 29, Berlin, Germany, 2011.
  15. Widiputri, D. I., Löwe, K., & Löher, H. J. (2009). Systematic approach to incorporate human factors into a process plant design. Process Safety Progress, 28(4), 347-355.

Professional Certifications:

  • Penyelia Halal
  • Cara Pembuatan Pangan Olahan yang Baik (CPPOB/GMP)
  • Google Educator Level 2
  • Sertifikasi dosen


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