Millennials’ Roles in Industry 4.0

Millennials’ Roles in Industry 4.0

On 20th October 2018, the Industrial Engineering students of Swiss German University held an informative seminar titled Millennials’ Roles in Industry 4.0 or as abbreviated MILES. The event was held in Swiss German University campus, The Prominence Tower. The event was attended by mostly industrial engineering students and employees from other campuses and firms.

The event’s theme mainly tackled the development of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, which played a massive role in the modern industry. To provide expert insight,the event welcomed several speakers from BKSTI, Infiniti Group, IBM Watsons IoT and PT.ISID.

The event was opened by SGU’s Head of Industrial Engineering, Ms. Tanika D. Sofianti, where she briefly explained the developments of Industry 4.0, followed by BKSTI speaker Dr. Wahyudi Sutopo. He went on to discuss how Industry 4.0 affects various industry, especially the manufacturing industry.

The second guest speaker was Mr. M. Haekal Maulana from Infiniti Group. He spoke about the integration of automation and robotics in Industry 4.0. Additionally, he demonstrated one of the few capabilities of robotics used in an industry. This presentation also provided an interactive demonstration of the simplicity of programming and operating the robot.

The third guest speaker was Mr. Izzan Hafizzi from IBM Watsons IoT. He discussed the possibilities of the Internet of Things in the current industry. Furthermore, he explained the importance and development of the current Internet of things and its prospect for the future.

The fourth and final guest speaker was Mr. Fistianto Herlambang of PT. ISID. He presented about the importance of plant layout in the modern industry. He also exhibited the SIEMENS PLM Tecnomatics problem and its importance within the company. The speaker ended the session with a quick friendly competition about Tecnomatics simulation, between audiences.

At the end of the day, the event provided insight on the current developments of Industry 4.0 and its components such as the Internet of Things, automation and simulation. The event ended in a very positive note as the audience were engaged for the whole seminars. The students of Industrial Engineering hope to be able to continue and provide chances like these for the upcoming years.

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