Quarantine Story Competition

Rules and Regulations

  1. The sharing story competition is in a video format which later will be posted in your instagram account.
  2. The video’s duration is 5 minutes maximum with the minimum of 1 minute.
  3. The latest submission for the video is on Tuesday, 12th May 2020 at 9 p.m or 21:00 WIB.
  4. The video should answer some questions provided by SGU:
    • What does quarantine mean to you? (Define it yourself; for example: Quarantine is like my ex-friend, at the beginning they’re nice, but sooner or later they become worse and worse).
    • Share your quarantine experience! (Tell us your funny or sad experience, or anything you are doing during this quarantine)
    • What do you feel about this situation regarding quarantine or the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • The video content is up to you as long as it has answered the questions given by the committee. It should not contain bad words, SARA-related issues, and appropriate in any aspects. It can be in formal monologue or informal monologues long as it is appropriate.
  5. The video should contain the words “With SGU, keep striving to become future global leaders” as proof of joining SGU-QS. It depends on the participants’ decision whether to put it in the opening, closing, or even in the middle of the explanation.
  6. The video should first be sent to [email protected] with the format of .mp4 and the video should be renamed as “SGU-QS your name” (For example: SGU-QS Anna Wijaya.mp4). The email subject is “SGU-QS” with the message of your name, your age, and your instagram username. TACT ICS
  7. The video should then be posted on Instagram with the caption “Keep striving to become future global leaders”. You can add more to the caption. Mention @swissgermanuniv and use the hashtag #SGUQS2020 #SwissGermanUniversity #QuarantineStory.
  8. Make sure your account is public and not private in order for the judges to see the video. It must not be deleted before the competition ends otherwise, you will automatically be disqualified. No double post is allowed. Participants are only allowed to submit one video each person.
  9. Judging will be done by the SGU team and judging will be done on the Wednesday, 13th May 2020. For the judging scores, it will be based on: Originality, Creativity. Content of the video, Time Management and How participants deliver their story.
  10. The competition results will be announced on Thursday, 14th May 2020 in SGU’s live Youtube at 5 p.m or 17:00n WIB. Promotions will be done through SGU social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. We will ask the help of SGU students since there are student ambassadors that should be willing to promote the competition through IG stories on a daily basis. SGU account will also promote the competition daily through IG stories.


28 April: Creating posters for the competition promotions.
28 April: Deciding the judges.
3 May: Making sure SGU’s web and social media are in perfect condition.
3 May: Contacting students and staff to help the promotions.
4 May: Start launching the competition announcement.
12 May: Latest video submission at 9pm.
13 May: Judging Period.
14 May: Winner Announcement.
15-17 May: Evaluation Meeting for Committees.
28 April – 3 May 2020: Competition Preparation.

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