SGU Chosen as the University to Receive Most Comprehensive ‘Bela Negara’ Training

SGU Chosen as the University to Receive Most Comprehensive ‘Bela Negara’ Training

Swiss German University (SGU) was among the 4 (four) universities chosen by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI) to receive a special learning and training program on the subject of ‘bela negara’, beating 33 (thirty-three) other universities that submitted proposals for the program. This ‘Bela Negara’ learning and training program is a collaborative effort between KEMENRISTEKDIKTI, the Ministry of Defence, and the Bureau of Education and Training of the Ministry of Defence (BADIKLAT) with the objective of developing loyalty of today’s young generation to their country. 

Representative students, lecturers, and supervisors from SGU assembled at campus before departing to  ‘Bela Negara’ centre of education and training

The training was conducted from 2nd to 4th December, 2016, at ‘Bela Negara’ centre of education and training at Cibodas, Rumpin, Bogor and joined by a total of 302 students and 48 lecturers/supervisors from which 60 students and 17 lecturers/supervisors are from SGU. All participants received a comprehensive curriculum on ‘Bela Negara’ delivered by Indonesia’s finest nationalist team lead by Major General TNI Hastind Asrin himself.  The comprehensive curriculum was the first to be delivered to such a large university contingent, and included topics on ‘Bela Negara’ leadership, terrorism and radicalism, national insights, and basic ‘Bela Negara’ capabilities, such as marching education, tributes regulation, folksongs, and spiritual development.

Major General TNI Hastind Asrin along with team inspecting the marching training

During the program, the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Asmar Abnur, visited the training location to convey the ministry effort in supporting ‘Bela Negara’ training activities across the nation, particularly among the younger generation who are considered to have ‘Bela Negara’ spirit replaced by modern values. The chosen universities received a grant amounting to Rp 180,000,000 that was allocated for the development of the ‘Bela Negara’ learning module, transportation, accommodation, and training properties. 

University representatives selected to participate in the ‘Bela Negara’ education and training program

Photo session after finishing all modules of the ‘Bela Negara’ education and training program

As a university who upholds the value of loyalty, SGU believes that dedication to one’s country is one of the essential factors in building a striving nation. Education is also an integral part in instilling life values among the young generation, therefore SGU will move forward towards becoming a university that produces graduates with global competitiveness yet grounded with national values and committed to preserving the nation’s pride.