SGU Prepares Its Students for Global Challenge through SGU Goes to Europe 2017

SGU Prepares Its Students for Global Challenge through SGU Goes to Europe 2017

To give our semester 6 students a big send off before they begin their internship adventure, Swiss German University (SGU) held an event entitled "SGU Goes To Europe 2017" on Tuesday, January 24th 2017. This event was a symbolic farewell event for the students about to embark on a new learning journey in two of the countries SGU has been associated with the most; Germany and Switzerland, for 6 months to 1 year.


This year, SGU sent more than 200 students adding to a total of around 2500 over the years, imbuing in each individual what SGU has aimed for from the very beginning: global success.

"SGU Goes To Europe 2017" was attended by several distinguished guests.  Among them, German Embassy Head of Science and Technology, Dr. Svann Langguth, Attachée; from the Swiss Embassy, Mrs. Livia Margna; and President Director & CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia, Mr. Josef Winter. Also in attendance were SGU Board members, Mr. Frans Tshai, Mr. Kris Kanter, Mr. Yap Hong Gie & Mrs. Titi Kanter; SGU Internship Coordinator in Europe, Prof. Juergen Grueneberg, SGU partners in industry and of course, semester 6 students along with their parents, family members, and friends.

The event began with an opening speech by SGU Rector, Dr. rer. nat. Filiana Santoso. In her speech, she told students that they would gain invaluable experience that will contribute significantly to the development of their intellect, competence, and character. She is also emphasized their role: that they are not only representing SGU, but also Indonesia.

The event was followed by a Speech of Encouragement and a Pre Departure Info & Sharing Session. The Encouragement Speech was delivered by Dr. Svann Langguth & Mrs. Livia Margna, about cross culture in Germany and Switzerland. Both provided basic information about each country, and what students might face and for what they should be prepared. They also conveyed the very best of luck to the students and hope they will have amazing experiences.

Mr Josef Winter, in the Pre Departure Info Session, showed high appreciation to SGU for having a cooperation program that helps the students to gain such great global competency, encouraging students to compete as global citizens. Other speakers in this session included SGU Lecturer, Mr Mathias Reese who gave some basic information about culture and lifestyle in Germany, followed by three SGU Exchange Students from Germany, Ms Tabea Arndt, Mr Sebastian Simon and Mr Rolf Rodger who shared important information about the daily life of students studying in Germany.

The Sharing Session was led by Maria Renata Rosari, Krissan Malinda and Joshua Giovanni Onang, who are SGU students who have completed their semester 6 internship in Europe. They shared their experiences about the challenges and values taken learned during the program with the excited students who would soon be leaving for Europe. They also shared fun stories from their internship programs; one of which was the Euro Trip.

As a symbolic farewell from SGU, an SGU lecturer representative attached scarves to student representatives who would soon start their journey. Students were also given luggage tags so they will always remember SGU, wherever they are. From the students, as their tribute before leaving, they presented a traditional dance, angklung show and choir performance in collaboration with SGU Choir, SGU Traditionalle Tanzen, and SGU Angklung Club.