Swiss German University as One of ISIF Asia Grantees for 2019

Swiss German University as One of ISIF Asia Grantees for 2019

Swiss German University (SGU) is proudly to be selected among 6 other organizations this year at ISIF Asia to receive USD 20,000 (of total USD 120,000 allocated for this year) to support research and development of Internet technologies for the benefit of the region.
This year’s funding round marks the 11th anniversary of The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) operation in the Asia Pacific.

The funding will be distributed among organizations representing Private Sector (1) and Academia (5) across 5 economies: Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and New Zealand.
We are confident the outcomes of their work will continue to support an open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the needs of the people in our region.

2019 Network Operations Research Grants
Modeling and identifying IP address space fragmentation pressure points. Curtin University. Australia. USD 20,000
Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform. Swiss German University (SGU), Badan Siber & Sandi Negara (BSSN) and Indonesia Honeynet Project (IHP). Indonesia. USD 20,000
Implementation and Utilites of RDAP for wider usability among Internet Stakeholders. University of Malaya. Malaysia. USD 20,000
Network coding over satellite links: scheduling redundancy for better goodput. The University of Auckland. New Zealand. USD 20,000




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