Swiss German University students Are Ready To Collaborate With Multinational Manufacturing Industry Companies

Swiss German University students Are Ready To Collaborate With Multinational Manufacturing Industry Companies

Steven Jonathan and Jason Pratama are Swiss German University students majoring in mechatronic were chosen to create an intelligent innovation, the innovation even became a compatible quality product which has been marketed to industrial business players.

The collaborative project is the final project where it becomes a condition of their graduation to get a bachelor’s degree. Guided by an exceptional advisor, the project has even worked with leading multinational companies.

3-Axes Delta Robot

Steven created a product that worked with two companies in the manufacturing industry, namely Igus and Beckhoff. The two companies have established themselves as trusted and quality partners for many industries, for example: automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, material handling, automation and so on.

The product that Igus has, now officially launched is called the 3-Axes Delta Robot. In the product, Steven contributes to facilitate the modular delta robot kit programming function for automated pick-and-place tasks. The solution is self-lubricating, maintenance-free, lightweight and allows users to engineer at a very low cost.

Epson T3 (Scara robot) and Epson VT6 (6-Axis Robot)

No less interesting, Jason was chosen to create a system contained in a robot tool in the form of a program. Guided by a great advisor, Mr. Benny, Jason created a program for two robot tools at the same time.

The two robotic devices have been officially launched by the Epson Corporation. Epson is a Japanese electronics company that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and information-related equipment. Not only that, Epson also has many subsidiaries engaged in robots and industrial automation equipment.

The first product called Epson T3 (Scara Robot), in that product Jason contributed in making a program that was able to facilitate the movement of the robot itself. Where the impact will be easier for customers to automate their factory without wasting time or money on a slide-based complex.

The second product, Epson VT6 (6-Axis Robot) is a suitable robotic solution for a wide variety of applications. It’s a compact, all-in-one robot that helps save on factory space and features simple cabling thanks to the hollow end-of-arm design. The user benefits from the automation of simple, repetitive tasks, that humans may find tedious. The competitively priced VT6-L is a highly-compact production robot that is reliable and easy to install.

The collaboration between Swiss German University and several leading companies mediated by Mr. Benny Widjaja, M.T. as a supervisor is a big step to increase the courage of students to be ready to face the world of work. “As a lecturer, it is my duty to guide my student. Especially when you see the commitment of students who are really want to be success. When they have a strong passion, that is my role to lead them. It is a pride for me when I know they are more successful than me. And that’s why I play a role as a lecturer, ” said Mr. Benny.

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